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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Head Rush at Splash Town

This is one of the water  feature at Splash Tow, called Head Rush.  Our friends took our daughter to do this slide and she was  ecstatic.  This is where your head  goes first.  For sure, this is not  what I would dare to try hahaha.

Heights is definitely not my cup of tea although I love water  but when it is to high already, forget it lol.  Yeah, I am a big chicken.


  1. Not my cup of tea either :) I chicken out when it comes to it.

  2. head rush, oh no, count me out hehe

  3. I love heights.<3 not of the things on my bucket list is to sky dive.

  4. i would love to give it a try! i would like to think that i am one who never backs out of an opportunity for new adventures!

  5. Oh my gush i can't do that! It scares the organs out of me lol

  6. I like watching people slide from up there, it looks fun but I don't think I will do it myself.

  7. I'm afraid of heights too sis. I find it hard for me to try different activities like this. But I'm trying to conquer my fears.

  8. rye was so can take her! this was fun!

    Musta na sis...been a while..hope all is well...say hello to the fam bam..thanks for dropping by!

  9. whew, count me out too. love the look on rye's face. she had fun!


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