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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tiki Tiki

I am not exactly sure what this feature is called but my burritos called it Tiki Tiki lol. These shots were taken at Magic Kingdom of Disney World.
Those are the things that will appear on top of the water when you steer the steering wheels.
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  1. hi, sa Disneyland, mas maganda daw sa Disney World, sana next time kami din, nice pictures.

  2. I see, we rode the same boat kasi.

  3. Ang alam ko tiki tiki medicine eh hehehe ... Anyway, ganda naman dyan!

  4. Tiki Tiki looks like a lot of fun..
    thanks for stopping by my blog.. I am glad to have visited you.. Great photos here..

  5. hehhee...tiki-tiki...parang kiti-kiti...cute nitong dalawa!

  6. Great shots!
    Looks like a lot of fun!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Those are more like steering wheels of the olden pirate ships like the Buccaneers. I don't know where your kids got the idea of Tiki Tiki which is another name for vitamin B complex, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. I think it's the enchanted Tiki Room. :)

    My Blue Monday.

  9. Why tiki tiki? I am hopping from MYM hehe.. I miss this meme.. :)) btw, my entry still in my draft page..waaa. will link my entry as soon as I'm done. btw. this is mommy nuts, using my draft account.. :)

  10. Lots of pretty yellows, Rose, and the Burritos are getting so grown-up. How does that happen? LOL
    I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful holiday season.
    All the best,

  11. Looks like the kids are having so much fun. It is so beautiful there. Merry Christmas to you and you all!...Christine

  12. Tiki-Tiki was a popular vitamins of my childhood. I still see Tiki-Tiki at SM when i buy vitamins for Fritz.:p

    wonderful photos.

  13. very cool :-) your son is so adorable :-) visiting late for MYM, hope that you can return the favor too.

  14. Disney is such a fun place...tx for sharing these!

    My Third Eye


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