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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow is Better than Ice

My daughter and I doesn't mind walking from school to home  during MWF when my husband is in school.  It's fun to walk plus it gives us exercise and a time to play outside.  The photos below were taken last Monday.
Ms. Burrito wanted to walk in the field where snow was thick.
It gave me a chance to take some photos.
She also tried to climb at our neighbor's tree before we proceeded home.
Snow is better than ice because you can actually have fun but with ice, it is hard to walk on a sidewalk and you always have a fear of busting your kister lol.

I got a bit scared when we drove  to my FIL's house to get the kids (they decided to  went with Dad after school).  The road was so bad that we were starting to  slid.  Oh boy, I hope that this bad weather should end soon.


  1. Rylie seems to be enjoying the winter conditions and the abundance of snow. She is already an American at heart and really relishes the cold winter conditions suitable for winter outdoor games, lol. Pero tayong ipinanganak sa temperate country ay palaging kikiligin sa ginaw tuwing may snow, hehehe. Take care of yourselves and avoid getting into dangerous winter situations. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. kasi nga matigas na yung ice ano kaya mas slippery... ganda ni Ry parang doll sa puno ng kahoy... hehehe

  3. I chose snow also rather than ice madulas hehe, i like rylie's photos in tree so pretty girl.

  4. Ganda ng snow pero mas maganda syempre si Rylie!

  5. Beautiful pictures with your cute daughter. Regards from frozen Budapest, Hungary, -9 degrees!!

  6. I haven't yet seen and touched snow.
    Lovely pictures :)

  7. ingat ms burrito, mommy doesn't wanna see even a single bruised on u:)

    hi, rose...a little busy here, just a quick post and a little hop...

  8. The whole sky is mine - she seems to be saying in the first shot.

  9. Wonderful photos - they made me think of long ago when I was young and snow was a wonderful adventure to be enjoyed.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. Beautiful shots. She is really having great fun.

  11. Dito sa amin wala pang snow,maybe this month magka snow na--excited kasing mga kids.Dun naman sa bukid sobra daw ang snow lol!

    btw,sent you an email--paki check dear^_^

  12. Ang ganda naman ng iyong daughter ate. Mukhang super enjoy sya maglaro sa snow.

    Looking at the photos, nilalamig na kaagad ako. Brrrr!

  13. ka cute ni Rye sa pink winter jacket in..oo nga, mas mahirap pag ice na kasi slippery...hehehe

  14. I could tell Rye had so much fun with snow. I love her pink snow jacket. Happy Friday!!
    Sky Watch

  15. What lovely shots of your daughter. She looks like she is having a great time!

  16. I hope someday of also playing in a snow lol...


  17. Ang cute ng girl mo Rose hehehe

  18. That sky looks as though it's threatening to snow again!


    Sky by day or sky by night,
    You are always my delight,
    For in blaze or subtle hue,
    Sky, my heart belongs to you.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Blazing Sky

  19. your daughter is really pretty and she looks like she's having such fun in cold weather. have a nice weekend!

  20. awwwwww...she is so cute...I love all her pics...:)

    nako nag snow dito kanina sis...maybe half an inch...ehehhee...icy ang daan kaya nag work si hubby from home...he was going to work kaso bumalik...dangerous kasi ang daan...we did not enjoy the snow kasi d naman super thick...punta kami jan...ehehehe!

  21. yeah the snow is not as freezing as ice. ganda ni rye pink na pink

  22. Rylie is so pretty in pink. You took great pictures on her.


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