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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do today what you can do for Tomorrow

My mother taught me a very good lesson when I was growing up.  She always does things  in advance.  I remember asking her once, "why can't we just do it tomorrow?"  She told me that we should always try to do the things that we can do  for today instead of waiting for tomorrow.  I am like that when lazy bug is not with me lol.  With hubby, he is a work ethic man so I never had any problem of procrastination with him.  But all of us I guess have moments where we doesn't feel  like  doing anything.  Sometimes it is better to put off the things that we can do today  especially if we like we will screw things up.  


  1. Hinde ka nag-iisa,Ate Rose-- lazy din ako minsan lalo na pag nasa harapan naako ng pc lol.kaya naman tinatapos ko muna ang gawain ko sa umaga para wala na akong gagawin pagkatapos.Ang mga naiwan bukas na lang lol!

  2. that was a very good lesson from your Mom.....

  3. Well, you're right, there are times na we don't feel like doing anything di ba? so we tell ourselves we will do it tomorrow. OK lang naman as long na we will do it. eh kung kagaya kong inaabot na ng 4 days ang malinis na damit sa laundry basket, eh katam na yun hahahahaha!!!

  4. You are so right girl and I always reprimanded my eldest daughter regarding that mine is up and its here thanks

  5. I have seen that in you Rose. Lagi ka nauuna. hehehe. Where did you got those energy after whole day? My Papa taught us that way too. But now, things are way upside down to me when it comes to chores. lol. I do them anyway but not being consistent these days coz of some classes I'm taking. It's not an everyday thing but it sparks me to read and read and compete. lol. I should really get back being organized again.

    My Couples corner here

  6. Doing today what you can do for tomorrow is a very positive work habit. It is the proactive approach to life and usually rewards the doer with tremendous rewards in life. As they say, the early bird catches the worm. You are very hardworking and proactive, that is why you are living a successful life. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. agree, sometimes, we, busy mommies do procrastinate on things, like now, my laundry is up whirling in the machine,but i'm here in front of the pc, aw! :)))
    cute pic. you both looked happy.

  8. Ang gandang lesson. My mom is the same.

    If you have time, do drop by:

    Tomorrow, dear!

  9. i too is lazy sometimes but not on bigger things to do...

    Happy CC..

  10. right you are! we all have our LAZY moments. we are human after all, lol!


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