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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deer in the Neighborhood

Lately, my daughter is getting obsessed with going for a jog with her Dad. One time, they jog around the neighborhood and went at the back of the church where there's a big football field and saw a herd of deer. So when we were driving home from Dad's, hubby decided to drive by there to see if there are deer in the field. Sure enough, there were four of them in there munching on the grass. They also did not mind us watching them.


  1. Your pictures are just beautiful. I am an animal lover! And I just love to watch deer graze. Thanks for sharing! ::Kristin::

  2. Oh dear theres a deer lol. liit ng deer dear bading parang kuto haha j/k

  3. The presence of deer in open fields signify a peaceful and clean environment. Deers will not proliferate in a violent environment. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. loka talaga tong si tsang!

    my gosh, parang gusto ko magkaroon ng pet na deer/!

    galing naman ng mag-ama nag jojogging!

  5. mami shy is so silly...

    wow deer i hunt mo na tapos i preserve mo yong sungay ba then display kaagad...

  6. It's always fun to see deer where you don't expect them. While my husband walks the dog in our neighborhood, they sometimes spot a big one on the soccer field right at the end of our street!

  7. waaa patawa jud si tsang Shy, mura daw kuto hehe...ang ganda ng green fields Rose.. napaka peaceful tingnan...

    nag adgi lang ko dito Rose hehe

  8. ang gandang panoorin ng mga deer. ang dami rin nyang nagkalat dito sa Oklahoma .me mga tumatawid pa nga sa road.

  9. i gave you an award.

  10. Hi Rose, we just got some deers in our backyard the other day. Worried nga ako eh kasi may garden kami. BTW, I just got a new header, hehehe. Sorry ha wala ako sa birthday nang anak mo. May be next time pag-wala nang conflict sa sched. Mwahness to you!


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