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Thursday, May 27, 2010


When we were driving going down West Union last week, I asked my husband to slow down because I thought that I've seen a rainbow. I haven't seen any rainbow at ever since I came here in the States so I got excited. But when we finally stopped at the cemetery to visit my FIL's parents, my thought of a rainbow was wrong. I don't know what makes the cloud looks reddish in some part but it wasn't a rainbow for sure. Here are some shots I took.
Pretty isn't it?


  1. Love the photos. My husband and I collect pictures of rainbows and mountains,so I understand your fascination.

  2. ganda ng sky...kakaiba yung hugis...ehehehhe!

    a quick dalaw dito sis...bukas na ako blog hop....tinamad na naman!

  3. I love the photos...thanks...

  4. What great captures! Such beautiful skies, clouds, colors! Marvelous! Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. very pretty; i like trying to make out cloud formations.

  6. No it's not a rainbow not even by a long stretch of the imagination. But the shots of the sky are fantastic. It is as though a playful cherub is playfully dashing through the sky leaving behind a trail of white plume that races through the sky. Thanks fore the post and photos. God bless you all always.

  7. Nice collections of cloud shot!

  8. Great shots, Rose! I love the formation of the clouds.

  9. Love the different formation of the clouds! Pretty capture!

  10. I'm following you now thanks to Friendly Friday! If you have time, it would be nice to share back the love here!

  11. very interesting effect.
    Have a nice weekend

  12. Following you from Friendly Follow! Glad I got a chance to be introduced to your blog.
    Deals and reviews from a stay-at-home mother of 1

  13. Hi, I came here via Friendly Friday. I'm your newest Google Friend. Hope you can get the chance to stop by and see me at my blog sometime soon :)

  14. I'm a new follower

    Looking forward to checking out your blog more as soon as I finish the blog hop

    I love clouds, I take pics of them all the time

  15. Love the Photos!

    I am now following you from

    Friendly Friday Follow :-)

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