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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold Weather

I was born and raised in the tropical country so when I came here in the States, my most undesired season is winter. I don't like going out especially if its snowing. My husband and kids on the other hand love it! They can bear the cold and love to play in the snow. Here are some photos of our son playing in the snow with our dog Champ!

How's the weather at your end?


  1. Your son is adorable. We have had snow, but not as much as you. It is very cold here in Texas and supposed to be much colder by the weekend. I have a hard time leaving the fire. Take care of that precious child and stay warm.

  2. Nyahahahaaa!!I love snow but I hate winter lol!!Sobrang lamig dyan,Ate Rose!!Malamig din dun sa bukid namin kaya lang wala pa masyadong snow.Giniginaw na ako dito!!\(^0^)/

  3. Nice pictures... I love how kids enjoy playing with the snow.
    Our feeling is mutual about the winter season. I don't like wearing too many clothes just to overcome the extremely cold weather. I especially hated waking up early to clean a car covered with snow and drove a car while it's snowing. Can't forget how nervous I was back when I was in the U.S. :) Love your blog posts by the way. Always updated di lang ko palagi nakakacomment! Keep it up! :)Cheers!

  4. wow..ang ganda tingnan ni EJ dyan...pero ayoko pa rin ng sobrang ginaw...Baguio City nga lang Rose, di na ako lumabas ng bahay hahaha..

    So far..ang Davao ay para ka lang naman na nasa loob ng oven at bini-bake..ganyan ka init dito Rose..hhahaha

  5. hello Rose! happy new year!

    wow! ang cute naman ng photos! hihi.

    i love winter. i have been able to adjust to the cold weather of Sweden quickly. tonight, we are at minus 28 degrees celsius... freezing cold outside.

    happy new year again! hugs!

  6. I hope I ca feel the winter seaason and snowing around one day..hehehe.. by the way, it's good to saw your daughter happy.. :)

  7. How must have been a shock for you..but we are cold and snowy here in New York state too.. Michelle

  8. cute talaga mga angels mo tokaya.

    hay naku, biglang uminit na dito. mukhang mas grabe sa summer.

  9. oh wow, i love watching the photo but i dont think i can tolerate the cold weather. it looks freezing..
    mainit na dito sis, hihi..

  10. wow ang kapal ng snow, uhmm i bet your kid is enjoying it much, kitang kita eh hehehe

  11. Pareho tayo bading kaya nga pa deport ako kung winter hehe.

  12. wow, cold talaga, parang ma fe-feel ko, hehe! Nice bonding sis...

  13. Wow, EJ sure can thrive well in very cold weather and can play in the snow like a penguin or a polar bear, lol. Unlike you Rose who was born and raised in a tropical country like the Philippines where the weather is balmy and fair most of the time. It's good that your husband and children thrives well in the snow. Thanks for your post. God bless you all always.


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