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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Driving Around

We drove around the area the other day just to ease the boredom of the winter. I took some snaps of the bald trees, the icicles and other stuff that I found interesting. It might not be as interested with your perception but for me everything is designed by God for a reason.

Whenever we drive around, my husband and I talks about just anything that we can think of like the weather, Insurance, and life in general. Most of the time, we always reminisce the time when it is just me and him. We kinda miss those moments but we're happier now that we have little burritos running around our house and giving us migraine sometimes hahaha.
The icicles on this area were huge then but now they are so small maybe because we haven't had heavy snowfall. If you guys love to take pictures of the sky, join us in Looking at the Sky on Friday.


  1. Kumusta ba weather diyan bading, hini ba malamig to drive around?

  2. woi thanks for driving us around sis bakla! mukhang maganda ang weather jan ah? clear na clear ang sky.....

    daan lang me dito sis...just to say hello....tulog na muna ako....bukas na ako blog hop...maaga kasi ako gumising kanina to study...sige sis...mwah!

  3. I love the icicle shot! Very nicely captured.

    My husband and I were having that same conversation last night. What did we do before we had kids? We must've had so much spare time! *LOL* Life changes, and brings us all sorts of surprises. Kids are one of the best! :)

    I have a sky posted now if you have time to stop back by: LATSOF - Good Day Sunshine!


  4. malamig na ba jan? parang sarap mamasyal..

  5. I am guessing that the steep hills are in the panhandle of WV or western PA. There is a rugged beauty to the woods and mountains here, and the sky is the bluest blue in the winter. All lovely takes!

  6. Hi Ralph, actually the steep hill is in Steubenville Ohio. Thanks for coming by.

  7. I love the pictures of the everyday, real life is almost always more interesting than those odd staged pieces of perfection. ~ Calico Contemplations

  8. love the different views of the sky here sis Rose

    mine is here

  9. The cliff with snow is everywhere this days. I would like to capture one too. Are you in VA? Are you getting some snow yet?

    BTW, thanks for sharing your driving shots. Happy Friday.

  10. Hello Rose,

    Looks like a fine day yet its cold. I love the blue sky and the scenery.

  11. Those icicles are amazing! Beautiful skies, too.
    Thanks for the visit!

  12. Oh-oh! bored by winter already? It's only December! :)

  13. I like that phrase of yours, "God created everything for a purpose." Hindi natin dapat maliitin ang ano mang bagay dahil nga nilikha yun nanag Diyos para sa Kanyang sariling kadahilanan. Wala talaga kayong maggawa kaya nag joy ride na lang kayo, lol. Enjoy every moment of your life. Life is wonderful so are God's creations. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.


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