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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Clogged Nose

When my daughter and I walked going to the library the other night, we brought an umbrella because it was sprinkling a little bit. The next day, she was sneezing and got a cold already. Now my son has it, he has a clogged nose and can't sleep well. We gave him a medicine although he refused to take it (he got that from me coz I don't like taking meds too lol). Oh boy, the cold season is starting again.


  1. am back from vacation thanks for visiting he he muzta c nicole din may sipon na xa naulan din nung nag byahe kami

  2. kaya nga eh, lumalamig na naman! Wawa mga bata, they keep getting sick :(

  3. Hope everyone gets well soon. Seems like something has been going around everywhere. Dan and I are just getting over something here. Not exactly sure what I had, but it was like a combination of the flu and sinus problems. Get some good chicken noodle soup and cut up some fresh garlic and put it in. Make sure to eat the garlic, really clears everything up! Plenty of rest and vitamin C, too. Oh, and hot tea with lemons and honey. I recommend the Wild Berry Zinger tea from Celestial Seasonings if you can find it. The kids will love it. It was always my favorite sick time tea.

  4. Kawawa nman ang prince charming mo bakla, nahihirapan sa paghinga. uso talga ang mga sip on pag nag iba ang panahon ano. Hope Rylie is fine now andget well EJ boy.

    Quick visit ko dito bakla, tinatamad akong mag bloghop eh, hina ng connection namin. Hows the lady red bakla, umalis na ba? Ako lazy bug and sa akin bakla hehehe.

    smooches and take care. xoxox sa mga makukulit mo diyan

  5. oh my..mahirap talaga magkasakit....try to put the meds on his sippy cup sis...hope it either...hate taking meds...pero si hubby..he always pop a pill kahit kunting sakit lang....

    yung flu season dito sis is winter time...nako uso pa naman yung Ria nga...yung blogger na buntis...may H1N1 silang pamilya....restricted silang lumabas sa bahay...kakatakot ano....

    hope wala kana headache jan...ingat sis...mwah...miss hop ako ng kunti bago matulog...have a class pa bukas...mwah!

  6. Ohh, get well soon to your cute son. God bless! :)

  7. Kawawa naman si EJ pati na si Rylie. Hindi ba nila ma tolerate ang vaporizer. Yun ang pinaka effective na pangtanggal ng clogged nose. Kung wala kayong vaporizer pwede rin ang steam inhalation. Magbuhos ng very hot water sa bowl, lagyan ng konting vicks o ano mang cold rub at ipa inhale sa bata. Kumuha ng magazine o diyaryo. Ibilot ito at yun ang itutok sa steaming bowl at sa ilong ng bata. Kaya lang medyo uncomfortable ang remedyo na ito. Baka hindi pumayag si EJ. I will pray for your children's healing. By the stripes of Jesus they are healed. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  8. Halo bakla nagbabalik ang panday awww heheh nagpapatawa lng. nway, You have to submit the URL bakla may. try to click the task tapos may direction yata kung saan i lagay ang url sa post with the links na dapat i include sa post.

  9. its raining here too rose and getting colder in fairness.


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