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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I found a suman from the commisary the other day and I thought of trying it. Suman is a type of dessert in the Philippines that is made from cassava. I thought it won't be good but I was surprised that it was. It's my daughter's first time of trying suman but she ate two rolls of it. Even EJ ate some although he wasn't very fond of it. One pack has four rolls and it only cost $.66, not so bad at all.. Here's my daughter's facial expressionswhile eating it hehehe.. She just woke up when I offered it to her.


  1. She is really big now may dalaginding ka na Mommy Rose. I like here facial expression nakaka-aliw. At nagugutom na din ako looking at the suman.

  2. pa share nman po he he dito din meron ako nabibili pag napunta kami asian store kc may asian store dito talagang pinoy may ari maliit nga lang yung store niya may tinda din cla mga ulam he he dami napunta dun kumakain sarap nyan suman lalo na sa alamusal.

  3. wow she really finished it all

  4. suman?!!waahhh!!I'm craving for that now!!ang sarap nyan!!ba't kasing walang pinoy foods dito sa amin eh!

  5. hhahaha...ang cute naman n rye sa pic na to...parang na pasubo sya sa suman...mukhang na forced yung mukha nya...just kidding....:)

    may tinda ba dyan manang? wow sarap miss ko yung lagkit nyan...hehhehe!

    galing ni rye ha...nauboos nya....san si Ej? hehhehe!

  6. kita mo yan , pati anak mo nag enjoy sa suman..masarap naman talaga yan lalo na kung gawa dito sa atin naku kakagutom

  7. sarap nya tingnan kumain ng suman, hehe.

    tnx pala sa greeting/comment mo ha. di ako masyado ngbloghop lately kasi medyo busy ang beauty ni lola, hehe.
    be visiting here again. Ingatz!

  8. Parang inantok sa pagkain ng suman ah.hehehe! Cute facial expressions!

  9. Rose, this suman is one of my am drooling with this! waaahhh, di ako nakakain nito noong umuwi ako sa Pinas!


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