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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Dog Budik

I thought for sure that our dog Budik in the Philippines wouldn't recognize me anymore after a long time that he did not see me. But to my surprise, he still knew me and was happy to see me. He is still the same as the Budik that I knew a few years back, very sweet and malambing. He aged a little bit because he seems to have a rayuma (athritis) now hehehe.. Here's some photos of our daughter and our lovely dog Budik!
Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. you rock my day mads
    dahil sa rayuma ni budik!

  2. hahahha...natatawa ako sa rayuma ni budik...hahhahha...meron ba non....joke!

    wow talga remember kapa ng aso nyo? hehhee....

  3. Hi Mads, oo nga may rayuma na si Budik. pag natulog kasi sya and pagbangon nya pilay pilay hehehe..

  4. Oo sis dhemz, I was mazed talaga that he remember me as in...

  5. matalino talaga mga dogs ka, kaya nga one of the most famous pets sila dito, they are treated like humans talaga... cute ng daughter mo...

  6. Oh, I do love dogs. Nakaka-touch naman that your dog Budik still recognizes you even after your long absence. And as if, alam nya na anak mo si Rylie kaya he is so close to her too! Wawa naman sya, may rayuma na. Please give my hugs to Budik!

  7. Hi Rose, masaya ako dahil nandiyan ka sa Pinas. Gaya ng sabi mo sa akin 1 month ago. Kumusta na man dyan? Kumusta ang mama mo?
    Miss ko na rin ang mga dogs namin. Kagaya mo, I would wonder, kilala pa kaya ako ng mga yun? :)


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