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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thailand souvenir

When our family friend, Ms. Emily Mack went to Thailand with her husband, she gave me this gorgeous souvenir. It is a set of coaster that has the elephant symbol of Thailand. Thanks a lot Ate Emily, mwah! Belated Happy birthday, we wish you good health and happiness! myspace graphic comments


  1. Hi Rose,
    I like these as well. You must have a lot of nice things.Wish I did, but will someday. We are still getting started even after 10 years of marriage. LOL

  2. Ang cute naman ng coaster set na yan! Nung nagpunta din kami sa thailand dami ko din nabili na mga souvenirs na may elephant designs. Sarap din ng food dun lalo na pag mahilig ka sa spicy.

  3. Hi rose, ka cute naman na coaster na yan. Is it made of wood?

  4. Belated Happy Birthay to your friend,Ms.Emily Mack!
    Nice souvenirs!!

  5. I love those sis...very elegant yung design..dami mo atang biyaya this year...hehhehe...good for you!

  6. It's Okay Amanda, its nice to have nice things but as long as you are with your family, that's what matters most right..

  7. Oo nga anney, si hubby mahilig sa thai foods kasi parehas kami mahilig sa spicy food hehehe..

  8. Thanks Manang Kim, yup it is made of wood..

  9. OO nga, I was blessed with good and real freinds... chosen few lang hehehe.. kasi yung iba, parang galloon lol..


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