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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Final

We purchased our plane tickets yesterday through Korean Airlines, we tried to buy it from Philippine Air Lines but it was so expensive. It cost us $1,816 for the four of us but with PAL, it could have cost us 4 thousand plus.. Can you believe the difference, my golly. As much as I want to patronize Philippine airlines but I can't afford with the price... Anyhow, it's official now because we have purchased our tickets so we'll just wait till next month..


  1. That's huge of a deal Rose. Hopefully we will get a good price late this year too. Have a safe trip ha.

  2. Oh so your having a vacation over Mommy Rose..weehh I bet your already excited..

    woooh..that's too big of a deal Mommy Rose..

  3. Hehhee girl Im confused lol mind if I ask saan pala kau naun?

  4. Yup it was Mharms, compared to other airlines sila yung cheapest.. mababa kasi ang exchange rate ng Korean won

  5. I am super excited kat, di na nga ako makatulog hehehe

  6. Okidoci, I'll tell you lateh hehehe... thanks for dropping by anne

  7. good for you, guys :-) have a safe and fun trip... and vacation as well!

  8. yohooooooooooo! vacay so excited for you manang ko...after 4 years..dalawa na dala mo...hhehe!

    Gret job sis..what a dang deal...nako PAL is too high..kaya nga kami we used other AL....kahit may lay over basta naka tipid lang...hehhe! enjoy!

  9. wow nman ready to vacation na kau have fun and ingat always


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