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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I cooked a pack of pork tocino this morning and it was sooooooooo good... I prefer tocino more than longanisa because I don't like the salty taste in the latter hehehe. John like tocino too but he prefer longanisa more than the other. We compliment each other when it comes to things. We're kind of Ying and Yang hehehe.. That is why, I don't have any problem with him with things.


  1. wow sarap. i brought some tocina pack from philippines. I love tocino hmm.
    gawa ako nyan pag may time hehe.

  2. wow..kakatakam naman....bbli din ako nyan when we go to the filipino store..d ako mahilig sa longganisa...hehhe! hubby like this one as well..;0

  3. what a yummy tocino; this is what i miss so much :-)

  4. Hello Ate Weng, nasa sweden ka na ba? oo masarap talaga ang tocino..

  5. Hi dhemz, isa lang sigurong longanisa gusto mo hehehe... medyo maalat alat kasi ang longanisa eh..

  6. Wala ba mabibilhan ng tocino there ate cecille?

  7. pahagad man kani wara hir tocino!


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