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Sunday, December 14, 2008

goodies from santa

My husband woke up so early this morning, he went to the gym and work out. When he came back, he told me that Santa gave us something. I got curious so I got up the bed and here are a lotta goodies that Ms. Emily Mack, good friend of our family, sent us. I'll send the coffee too Mama hehehe..
When I open to read that card, there's more gifts for the kids. Yohooooo, thanks Ate Ems, you're so generous. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to us! Here's Ate Emily with me at Mt. Seorak May you have a great stay with your vacation in the Philippines Ate. I am going to miss you at work. Take care and have fun! May God bless your trip. Regards to your family!


  1. wow naman, dami nyo gifts ah, aside from money, may goodies pa :-)

    rose apply ka sa payu2blog, doon ko nakukuha yung mga opps ko

    $5 for 60 words everytime you have opps saka di sila mahigpit sa post.

  2. special gifts from dear friends and family are the best! It makes for a very nice day.

  3. hi chubskulit! I hope ur fine. I just want to correct ur understanding. I am not a priest, just a frustrated one.. LOL.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. hello :)

    ang aga ni santa ehe'!

    anyway, merry x'mas :DD

  5. rose,
    thanks for dropping by in my blog! nice house and cute kids u got there!!

  6. Wowow.. lucky you.. you got goodies/money from Santa.. Yey!! Its so excited everytime you open a gift from Santa di ba?

  7. I see, I tried there many times ate but ayaw nila sa blog ko hehehe... I never get a response from them..

  8. Oh is that really, I am sorry Kuya Romy hahaha.. I mistakenly thought that you area priest hehehe..

  9. Merry Christmas too Kryk... thanks for visiting back..

  10. Thanks Mama Bellian, you are welcome and thanks for visiting back!

  11. Oo nga Umma hehehe, we're so blessed to have friends around the globe who loves us hehehe..

  12. wowwe! galing naman manang ko dami presents...your nice pala sabi ni Santa...hehehe....:)

  13. wow, daming goodies & money. i bet there are more to come!
    anyways, chubz, just posted the hubby list now. sensya, was looking for a pic kasi, hehehe :D

  14. indeed how generous.. for sure you have been a good girl all year rosie...

    as for your problem all you need to do is log in in Ec and that is solved. The mesage you see, "Get One" means you are not logged in... It also happens if the connection is so slow but i think this is NOT your case... you have npot logged in.

    Just message me anytime if the problem persist, okiess?

  15. Nice picture of your gernous friend Ate Emily - pity the shot of a bottom next to your somewhat invades the focus lol

    Lovely moment for you all at this time of year

  16. mangarolling man ako dyan later!!!

    can't drop EC wara so word na DROP i visit all tig compare ko wara gabus so word na DROP ..nagralayas..hehe

  17. was here dropped ec too..take care

  18. ang bait ni santa... at ang aga hehe.
    kami mag sasanta palang,,, kaya na busy kami ngaun hehe


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