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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to explore with Dora

Hubby took these pictures of our little ones the other night while they were watching Dora the Explorer on their portable DVD player. Usually they use the TV in the living room but since it was bed time, they want to get sleepy by watching their show at our daughter's bedroom. Here's Rlie acting silly, making weird face lol.. EJ was very serious hehe... Finally he turned and smile to his Dad...


  1. heheheheeh! they look so cute, kamukha ata ni joops daddy nia,hehehehehe! si rylie ganda ganda,,hehehehe! my niece loves to watch dora too, she even imitates or i may say memorize the pick up lines of the charcters,hehehehehe! good morning!

  2. kind of cute :-)

    reminds me of jacob when he can't sleep, he will go downstairs and watch t.v, but i said "no" it's bedtime.

  3. Hi Rose,
    It's all very pink in that bedroom, cosy as well by the look of it. Do they get a storiy before bedtime or is that too old fashioned now?

    n.b. The music ad that kicks in on your blog gave me a shock, I now mute it out, not to my taste I'm afraid for lots of reasons, no offence intended though Rose. :)

  4. hahaha..they look so adorable glad their not fighting...joke! sana kapitbahay tayo ano?hehhe...dora fan din kasi tong inakay ko...:)

  5. is visiting you, ...... nice nice. :P

  6. Hi Rose,

    Thank you for checking my blog ablout Google... I have read your first comment back in Nov 12 under Leslie's post...She have posted what happen with my Adsense account...

    I like the photo's they all look adorable...

    Again Thank you...

    Keep on smiling...

  7. Hello! bisita ako today..
    Your kids are so cute! Enjoy na enjoy ata sila together :)

  8. Thanks Sunny... They are so crazy about dora, diego, backyardigans and many more hehehe... Rylie memorized most of the words in Dora..

  9. Hahaha My son does that too ate cecille, sometimes gumugising sya ng alanganin and wanted to watch tv....

  10. Hi martin, my daughter would not sleep without her dad telling her A STORY... story telling is never an old fashioned with kids..

    Sorry about the music, it was from the sponsored post but i removed it already..

  11. Hi dhemz, sometimes they do actually hehheeh... it can't be avoided...

    Oo nga sana neighbors tayo hehehe..

  12. Hi Richard, you're welcome... Keep coming back hehehe

  13. Minsan lang yan cookie hehehe.. kadalasan nagbabambuhan yan lol..


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