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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aspiring Photographer

Not only that my daughter love posing in front of the camera but she like taking pictures too! She took a picture of me yesterday, it wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad. Here it is..
So what do you think, does she have potential to be a photographer someday?


  1. hahha..nice shot sistah...! dami palang talent ni Rye....good job!

  2. princess of all trades daw sya hehehe.. thanks dhemz!

  3. good job rylie :-)

    she has a potential, Rose!

    model photographer and an artist...that's a lot of talents!

    here dropping ec and reading!

  4. Do you think so Ate Cecille.... Hopefully she'll grow up with those interests hehehe..

  5. she's absolutely talented Rose!

  6. By the way Mr. rummuser, Last week I've been trying to visit your site but cAN'T open the page, now I was able to open it but can't comment because it requires me to login with word press which I dont have an account..

  7. Good one sis, hehehe.. mana-mana lang yan sistah! hahahaha..

    a very talented girl indeed!

  8. Good one sistah Rose, I think mana-mana lang yan eh.. hehehe... Indeed, she's very talented gorgeous girl!...

  9. you look lovely mare c: naks galing na ni Rylie ha marunong pla sya magpic c:

  10. My 3 year old is the same...he loves to take pictures...she did a great job... :)


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