Monday, August 14, 2017

The InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogging Stroller

The InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogging Stroller is the go-to stroller for the growing family. With weight and height limits designed to accommodate a newborn up to a 40," 50-pound child, you can't go wrong. Multi-directional maneuverability and the ability to lock the front wheel for smoother more controlled movement on uneven, rough surfaces makes this stroller a sturdy and reliable choice, not to mention its other features.

A stroller is a necessity for families with small children. Getting around becomes much easier with the addition of a good stroller. The question often becomes, "Which stroller is right for me and my children?" There are a myriad of different strollers to choose from these days, making finding the right stroller much more difficult. Often the only way to narrow your choices is to decide what features and benefits are most important to you during your decision-making process.

Large strong wheels that roll any direction and the ability to lock the front wheel make this stroller a choice pick. It's roomy storage compartments and ample space for drinks and snacks make it convenient. The fact that you can put little 6-month-old Christopher in the stroller beside your 3-year-old, make this stroller quite functional. Need to run to the grocery store for a few things? No problem, put your bags in the storage baskets beneath the seats. Just grabbed a couple of cold drinks and the paper? Store your drink in the handy cup holder and your paper in the parent organizer. Bumpy sidewalk ahead? Not a problem, just lock the front wheel and keep moving. This stroller is loaded with benefits that help the parent with small children and babies get around.

Key Features

*Tray with 2 cup holders
*Floating canopies (individual)
*Child tray (2 cup holders)
*12" front tire (molded rims/pneumatic)
*16" back tire (molded rims/pneumatic)
*steel frame
*locking front wheel
*Weight: 37 pounds
*Stroller dimensions: 49.0 x 32.25 x 40.0
*Child Height: up to 40"
*Child Weight: up to 50 pounds per seat
*Safety Harness (5-point)
*Storage basket (under seat)
*Car Seat compatibility (major brands)


Convenience, performance, and reliability are the benefits to be reaped by this very capable dual jogging stroller. Cup holders for both children and the adult make getting around with this stroller more functional. The children don't have to worry about holding cups in their laps and neither does mom. Both child and mom alike can enjoy a nice drink while strolling about. Back tires that move in any and every direction you can think of make pushing the stroller a wiz. A locking front wheel helps keep the stroller from veering off course when rolling over less even and smooth surfaces. Plus, the 5-point harness system will hold your little one's firmly in place during those bumpy rides. The steel frame serves as a strong structure for carrying both children and other items in the storage basket below the seats. The storage beneath the seats is another nifty perk, of course. This is truly a stroller that will grow with your little ones due to its ability to accommodate infants and small children up to 40" tall. This stroller will even accommodate those cornhole lights you've been eyeing.

About InStep

InStep has been around for 26 years and is a fitness stroller and bike trailer company. InStep has been a subdivision of Dorel Juvenile group since 2004 and is well known in the world of jogging/all terrain strollers. Safari is the most popular all-terrain stroller of the brand. Safari is noted for being an excellent jogging stroller as well as a good performer on a variety of different terrains. Most InStep strollers have a high 4 or 5-star rating. The Safari receives a 4 point star rating according to many web retailers when it comes to strength and economics. In addition, each model has the option of either a single or double stroller. Interestingly enough, Schwinn the bicycle company also carries strollers made by InStep. Both companies express dedication to producing a product that marries value to quality for active families.


The InStep is a stroller that will meet the needs of active, growing families for years, thus making it a good investment. It is an economical choice based upon the many features and benefits it delivers for parents, children, and infants collectively. Maneuverability, functionality, and convenience make this a solid choice if you are looking for a stroller to suit the needs of children of different ages and the parent as well. The only drawback mentioned in reviews was that the plastic molding on the tires was not that strong. All in all the cons were minimal compared to the many benefits of the InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogging Stroller.