Tuesday, July 29, 2014

House Repair Money

During the typhoon Glenda, Mama's house  got tore up.  She lives by the ocean so  it is very windy there especially  during typhoon months.
I tried to encourage my Mom to live with my sister in the city but she doesn't want to.  She  is used to living at our old place and she doesn't want to leave the memories that she and my father  have built for years.
My Mom's grandkids.  They visited my Mom during their school break.  Most of these kids  live in Manila.  This is taken in front of my Mom's Sari Sari store.
While eating breakfast, I told my kids that we  need to send my Mom  some  money because her house got tore up during the recent typhoon that hit Philippines.    My son immediately said, "I Will donate $10 off my savings!"   J.Rylie C. said that we should have a garage sale this weekend  and whatever we collect, we will send to "Lola".  My heart melts with my children's compassion.
Mama, with my sisters Mae and Roselle and  my nephews and nieces.
 Come to think of it, a garage sale is a great idea.  We have so many baby stuff from our storage that we don't need anymore.  So if the weather is good this weekend, we will have a  garage sale.  I have never done this before but will give it a shot.  With  enrollment fast approaching and bills piling up, money is a little tight.  Budget crunch!!!
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