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Monday, February 3, 2014

New Hair Cut

  Cutting our own hair is one thing that hubby and I  started  doing  at home  when we moved to Korea.  He went to  Japan one time and found this hair cut set at  the Navy Exchange for  $20.  He called me and asked me if  I want to start cutting his hair and I told him; I will give it a try.   Since then, we  have been cutting our own hair.
I decided to  cut my   long hair  yesterday when I woke up.  I cut 4 inches  or so off my hair.  Hubby always like my hair long  but  it get so tiring maintaining it.  Sometimes I would ask him if I can cut my hair but yesterday I just went ahead because I know he would say No again lol.  He did help me straighten out the back part though since I could not see it.
I did not cut it very short so he won't  be disappointed.  I think shoulder length hair is  a good length to  maintain for a hair.  I always love  having bangs even when I was younger.  It hides my wide forehead lol.
Thanks for the photo HON and for your understanding,  I winked at him when he took the photo because he thought it was too short lol.

Cutting our own hair is one of those things that hubby and I figured out to cut cost  in order  to save  a bit for our household budget.  A decent hair cut for hubby here in the area cost $15 +tip, he has to have a hair cut every month so we are saving 240 in a year just for  his hair cut.  With me, an average hair cut here is $20 +tip so I am saving a bit of money as well  We also cut our children's hair so the hair cut for the whole family is free.   Let us say that we save $500 a year for a haircut, that is a good money that goes towards our  vacation money or other expenses.  How about you, how do you cut cost  from  family budget?  Share your strategies and tips.

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