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Monday, March 17, 2014

Jury Duty

March is a bit rough for me and here are the reasons.

  • I don't have much luck in getting assignments online.  I seriously need more assignments  because  hubby and I need to save for our children's tuition  for the next school year.  We also have to save for Ms. Burrito's piano lessons  over at Doquesne University come September.  Not to mention our financial support obligations  back home, sigh.
  • Three months after I became a citizen, I got summoned for a jury duty, oh boy.  I wouldn't mind to do it if I have a childcare option for my kids  but since I take care of them  when my husband is at work, it would be so hard.

Being legally drawn to serve as a Petit Juror does not automatically put you on a duty per se , which I am hoping they won't pick me as the  court is  far from our home.  It's like a 30 minute drive  from our city.  You know that I am not comfortable with my driving skill and most importantly, I don't have anyone to  pick up my kids  from school and take care of them after that.
As a juror, your services will be paid at a rate of $40 plus .56 cents per mile round trip from home to  the courthouse.  If I get picked, I have to pay someone to take care of my kids and I don't think that amount would cover the cost.  So either way, it's not in favor with me.  But as a citizen, that's one of my duties  so I will do it if I get picked.

  • Here's another reason to my bad luck this month.  My dog jerked the leash from my hand when we took them for a walk and I fell hard on a concrete.  It tore  a good pair of pants, scraped my left hand, and bruised and scraped my knees whew.

I felt like passing out when I fell but I had to toughen  up in front of my kids.  I wanted to cry but I couldn't because I don't my kids to think I am a cry baby lol.  I am upset that I ruined a good pair of pants.  Luckily though, I was wearing my  spandex workout pant  underneath it, it got damaged  but  did not have a hole.  I think that my spandex pant protected my knees from   a bad scrape.  It still scraped it but not bad.  So no walking for our fur babies for now, I can't put  heavy weight  with my left hand coz it hurts so bad.

On the lighter note, my husband got a raise and he got promoted so it's a good thing and our consolation for this month.  Sorry if I would affect you negatively with my personal rant but this is my only avenue in expressing my thoughts.  Wish I have my friends back home to talk to.  I can only wish... Ciao..


  1. First, congratz for your hubby got promoted, that's a good sign. Second, since they're growing up into their teens, as a mother, I suggest you have to slowly release their freedom in going to school, if needed, so that they can explore things without you or hubby. But still, communication's open though. Have faith always, that's life.

    1. Thank you KUya Fernando. My Kids are far from being teens that's why as much as possible, I want to be there for them because there will come the time that they would not prefer us to be around them. My kids are in their age where they truly my husband and I's guidance that's why I am a stay at home Mom.

      I do appreciate your advise and I respect them.

  2. As an attorney, when a did my first murder trial I was so appreciative of the people who made the sacrifice to be part of the jury.

  3. Oh is there a way to wiggle out of the jury duty? I have those same problems when I need to go out of town for seminars.Don't worry, sistah, like your blog's name, those obstacles will turn into glory

  4. Being on jury duty is really difficult as it consumes time and at times gives us a big dilemma.

  5. oh boy!!! me too, i got picked and i have to send my information to them, luckily after that i never heard anything back from them..

  6. My aunt in Texas has been a jury for years. I think that is a good opportunity to experience it so Congrats sis and also to your hubby getting promoted. Sorry about what happen to you, i hope the bruises go away fast

  7. Saw some of those pics in FB, sorry about those. Hope they will heal soon.

    Anyway, it's really tough to be away from your friends and have no one to talk to in a different country. I also find myself waiting for my friends to go online on Facebook whenever I needed someone to talk to but it seems, they're too busy to go online or we just missed each other coz of the time zone difference.

    Congrats on your hubby's promotion, by the way. :-)

  8. sorry to hear about your injury must be sucks that accidents happen in the less you expect it...

  9. I think you're not the only one Rose, many paid posting sites are experimenting and that they're pulling off selling links,let's pray they'll get back to the usual. Congrats on your new citizen duty, yeah, kind of hard, good if its back home where you can just call out the neighbor and see your kids for a while. But you'll make it through! Congrats to hubby!

  10. oh Rose, so sorry about the things that happened lately, especially your fall and bruises, hope you get healed fast.

  11. I feel you, Rose but bad times never last! Congratulations on your hb's promotion and pay raise. No matter how bad life is sometimes, there is always something to be thankful about. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry about the bruises and your injured hand. Take care...

  12. Congrats to the hubby's promotion! But I'm sorry to see you got hurt. I hope you're healing well.

    Of the 13 years that I'm a US citizen I only got called once for jury duty. I have received several notices to which I have responded to but I only went in physically once and I was there for a good 6 hours (doing nothing) in the court house.

  13. Whoa! That's a hard fall, I would have cried if it happen to me. :)

  14. its okay mommy rose!..part of being alive. congrats at citizen ka na! and congrats to your hubby. jury duty consider it another experience. as for your baby magagwan yan ng paraan.

  15. oh, my sis are you ok? hope all is gosh, that must be a hard fall...look at those bruises! congrats to John for being promoted...way to go! nako, likewise I don't get any opps anymore...well, since last year pa..:(

    buti sayo 30mins yung courthouse, dito samin 45mins...good luck!

  16. Ouch! sorry for you bobos Sis Rose :-( Hope you feel better now :-) I have not pick to participate in the jury :-) I did not now that they pay you though. Congrats! on your husband's raise. I bet that one is a little happy note after your accident :-)

  17. Yep, it does make it a bit brighter but the bad luck that March brings hasn't ended yet sis. My sister was hospitalized and in need of 22k, hay san ko kaya kukunin yan.

  18. Awww! I hope you'll get well soon! It's a bummer to be injured like that! But I'm sure you'll be better and will be in tip-top shape in no time.. :)

  19. I can feel the ouch on your injury, Rose! I pretty had much the same thing last year. I hope it's healing quick.

    That was indeed a toxic schedule for you. Keep us posted if you've been picked or not.

    Congrats on your husband's promotion. Your family is indeed wonderfully blessed!


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