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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moisture Control Potting Mix

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband got me another pot of miniature roses during Mother's day so I instead of adding it to my flower bed of miniature roses, I thought of putting it in a special  planter that he also got me  for my birthday last year.  Yeah I know, I am weird like that.  I love gifts that I can actually use so when he asks me what I want I always say gardening stuff.  Anyhow, to ensure that  these roses won't die, I gather some tips and ideas from Miracle-Gro on how to care  roses in a pot.  It is important to use Moisture Control Potting Mix when doing projects like this.
How about you?  Do you have fun garden projects this year?   I love browsing the Miracle Gro's The Gro Project as they have such neat and easy  to do prpojects that even us beginners can do.  They have an expansive library of  articles and videos that  you can watch just like the one below.  Every article  and videos are full of tips and ideas that both professionals and beginners can benefit from.  I encourage you to fllow Miracle Gro  in Pinterest and get acquainted with other garden enthusiasts and share your ideas with them and in return,  you can learn from their ideas as well.  

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  1. Plants and Flowers can be added beauty at our home.The key to success growing a garden is choosing the correct plants for the climate zone, whether they are shade plants or those that prefer full sun. Thats a huge flower pot the red one.

  2. I'm not very keen in gardening but thanks for the info you share here. I love to be able to grow a garden someday but not seeing them wither in just few days. I don't understand why I can't grow a plant, let alone sustain one for a long time.

    Ria C

  3. I always use Miracle Gro in ALL my plantings! It makes my plants healthy and long living! The Moisture Control is great for those of us who occasionally forget to water!

  4. I kill everything
    I really hope this will be the answer for my poor plants

  5. Wow those are beautiful plants! I live in a very dry climate with water restrictions. I can't wait to move to a different climate where I can have a garden.

  6. I love your potted plants. In the past I've refused to invest in them since we move every 2-3 years but now that we are settling down, I am slowly adding greenery to the inside and outside of our home.

  7. I am a big container gardener, thank you for the tips as I am still learning.

  8. That is a beautiful pot your husband got for you and when the roses bloom it will really show them off! I am so not a gardener and between my crazy cat who just loves to throw things around and me killing off plants and flowers in general--I will leave this to others! I have heard marvelous things about Miracle Gro products-I know my Mom uses it and loves it!

  9. Love the Rose! I will try and check Miracle-Gro.

  10. Nice area .... I was in the garden today, trying to arranged my potted plants. Your's looks great!

  11. Beautiful plants and flowers. I am jealous


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