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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family Gardening

I mentioned at my other blogs that we put up a garden a couple of weeks ago.  We bought railroad ties at Busy Beaver and put it in the corner of our yard.
The kids helped us in digging the ground.
Our Burritos raking and hoeing the ground after I separated the grass from the soil.
We added some  gardening soil in it and planted the seeds the next day.
We planted beans, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, and three different kinds of lettuces.
They are now  growing and we can't wait to see the fruit of our labor.


  1. your kid can touch a worm by his hands wow! :D great bonding time Rose!

  2. Worms are the very best part of gardening!


    I almost lost my shadow,
    I left it in the park;
    I heard my mommy calling,
    For it was getting dark;

    She has no use for shadows,
    She thinks they are quite grim,
    And when she saw my shadow,
    She thought it was a “him.”

    I had to educate her
    And tell her it was “she”—
    And now my faithful shadow
    Is welcome as can be!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows in the Barrio

  3. Will your dog bother the garden? Ours would think that nice topsoil was for them to play in! Since we have such a short growing season this far north our plants were all started inside and them transplanted once the weather permited. That was last week!

  4. Wonderful to see the whole family creating a garden together! Beautiful!

  5. It is a great thing to teach children to garden. They will appreciate the veggies even more. My kids used to love the worms, too.

  6. Oh, this makes me miss my garden. We did something very similar and had great success. It was such fun for the kids to go out an pick the ripened veggies. Not enough sun at our current house, but perhaps someday. Best wishes for a successful harvest!

  7. What a beautiful garden space. Good job.

  8. so nice to see kids involved in gardening

  9. Good job kids! Hope you can visit my entry too! Thank you and happy Sunday!

  10. Looks like you had fun and fresh veggies are the best!

  11. I love the shot of the worm. I enjoy teaching kids that worms are good for the garden.

  12. Mabuti hindi natakot sa bulate si EJ :) I remember those old times naggarden kaming lahat sa baguntor..hehe

  13. What a lovely way to bond. Can't wait to see the blooms.

    Thanks for visiting my entry.

  14. a great day. Enjoyed by children and adults as well. :)

  15. I like how your family always works together for these projects, what a lovely quality time.

  16. Family gardening looks tired but fun :)

    Have a great week, Rose...

  17. wow, ang sipag sipag naman ng buong family....

    can't wait to see the fruit of your labor, penge ako ate rose ha... heheehhe....

  18. weee... enjoy.. can;t wait to have my own house... dito di kami makadig.. kaloka.. hehehe... ;) was here Rose.

  19. It is so nice to do the garden with the help of the little one's. They will really enjoy it when the crop is ready.

  20. Wow, brave boy,EJ! I am scared of worms..hehehe

  21. It's a good deal of hard work, but you'll be enjoying fresh salad all summer! Yum!

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  22. That's so cool! And what a great summer experience for the kids.

    I really wish we had our own vegetable garden. Tipid eh! Plus, you're ensured that your veggies are free from pesticides. :D

  23. We used to garden as a family. It's a great experience. Lovely pics.

  24. Wow, the family that works and plays together stays together. I really have to hand it to you and John. You really know how to harness the full potential of your family. There is no doubt in my mind that your kids will grow up to be well rounded and law abiding citizens, real assets to society. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  25. ayay! ang galing galing naman...gusto ko yung garden borders nyo...ehehhee....:)


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