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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bumble Bee's Music Interest

 Our Bumble Bee is very interested in music.
 I let her play with this  motion censored  violin and she loved it.
 Bumble Bee is growing like a weed.  She was very small when she was born but now, she is getting bigger and prettier each day.
 This cutie is a regular companion at our home these days.
We love you BB.


  1. She is so cute girl kaano ano mo nga ang baby?

  2. What a cutie and adorable BB! May pinagmanahan :-) She might end up a popular singer one day, Rose. I will be rooting for her :-) Go! Go!



  3. hi! hope you can drop by...i have a tag for you...

  4. here's the link to the tag

  5. hehehe ang cute nya lalo sa outfit nya Rose hehe

  6. such a cutie....para naring syang adopted nyo sis..ehehehhe

  7. Me bago na kayong laruan after Gracie, hehehe. Mukhang nanghihingi na nang kapatid si Rylie at EJ. Pagbigyan nyo na ni John ang mga bata. Anyway, God will provide for all your needs. Hindi ka pa naman tali hindi ba? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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