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Monday, November 29, 2010

New Christmas Tree

We went to Sears last Wednesday to look for a new Christmas  tree.  Hubby got tired of our white x-mas tree so he said that we need to buy a new one.  We chose this Twilight tree with LED  lights because it is suppose to be an energy efficient.  
We let our daughter decide which one should we buy and that's what she picked.  We all liked it so we bought it.

We decorated it today.  I'll post the photos next time.


  1. nung xmas tree namin 9 years na... sawa na rin ako kaso yung mga kiddos gusto.. kaya sige nalang... heheh...

  2. Mas maganda nga yang napili ninyo Ateh Rose kumpara doon sa isa. Sa amin sa Pinas X'mas tree namin ay yong Fortune plant ni nanay, sinasabitan lang namin ng mga x'mas balls, angel at bells, dalaga pa ata c nanay eh nasa knya na yong mga decorations na un. Kaso dahil nga nasa labas ung X'mas tree kuno namin eh nagkandawala na ung mga pabiling..nilipad ata..haha

    Minsan meron din kaming lantern sinasabit namin sa pintuan kapag magpapasko..ung sinusubmit ba sa school..ung mumurahin 20 pesos ata un isa..gawa sa mkintab na plastic..

  3. ours is a tiny one, I think kailangan ko na ring palitan!

  4. very nice. we have the same boring tree each year!

  5. sarap magdecor pag kasama ng kids, kc nadadala ka din sa excitement nila. btw about wp and blogger platform, yes for me it's easy now to use wp, bec. you don't need to tweak codes, it has many feature plugins you can use.

  6. awww, ang cute naman. will look forward to seeing photos of the decorated tree.

  7. Lovely...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, correctamundo?

  8. Howdy
    Oh what a fabulous fun photo !
    Your daughter is so gorgeous I love to see her expressions well your entire family images are awesome :)One of many reasons I like to visit your blog.
    Take care and have a blessed weeknd .
    Unitl next time
    Happy Trails

  9. your daughter have a good taste. nice christmas tree...happy decorating :)

  10. X-mas already? People get old this fast... ;)

  11. Mahal naman ng xmas tree ninyo bading kami yung tunay amin kasi mas mura lng siguro. yesterday we looked for xmas tree sa target aba $200 ba naman presyo so pag fir tree maka mura siguro kaya lng mas makaka save pag pareho sa xmas tree ninyo kasi you can use it every year. our probs is we don't have room for it to place when xmas is over.Merry Christmas bading, kumusta?

  12. Yes, that's a beautiful Christmas tree. Rylie sure knows how to pick a good one. I'm sure your Christmas tree will add beauty and elegance in your home and the spirit of Christmas will surely be felt by everybody. Thanks for the early yuletide post. God bless you all always.

  13. that's a pretty tree sis...:)
    our plan last year was to get a real one this year..since we don't live in Cali anymore..ayon naudlot...ehehhee! mas maganda kasi don we can cut our on tree...ala naman pines dito sa TX...

  14. Sis sayang kasi hindi ka nki-join noong black friday.. I bought a new tree last Friday and got it 50% off... Pero ok lng yan kasi ganda nman ng tree...


  15. Love the tree,Ate Rose!Di na kami bibili ng x-mas na bago,wala kaming paglalagyan after,sobrang sikip dito eh lol!


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