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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change - Week Two

I did not do any sit ups and crunches last week because Lady in Red prevented me to (Good excuse lol). I had cramps and I really did not feel like doing any exercise. However, I went for a 15-minute walk at my FIL's neighborhood and I actually sweat a lot even if it was cold. Another thing that helps my exercise goal is by walking with my daughter in going to and from school instead of driving.  Are you with us in shedding off some unwanted  fats?  Join us by clicking the badge below.

These activities gave me an opportunity to see the beautiful sunrise. 

Have a good night everyone, gotta go to bed now.  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Wohhooo!!! Way to go! I'm trying to follow my self-imposed exercise as well... Hoping to do it religiously but to no avail. But wow, this inspired me. And so I have to re-start doing my daily exercise!!! ^^ Happy blogging!

  2. ok, join kaya ako, baka mabawasan weight ko.. =)

  3. wow ganda ng pagkuha :) good day :)

  4. oh my...walking buddy is my only exercise...nyahhaha! lol...:)

    waaa,,,,kaka envy yung leaves nyo jan badingding...nagchange na nang color...I miss cali...dito kasi no sign of fall talaga!

  5. Lovely skies your way!

    Happy SWF!

  6. Such beautiful skies! I really love the first two shots! what a wonderful way to start the day!! Have a lovely weekend!


  7. Beautiful sky photos, Rose! Love it.

    I am gaining more weight this time coz tinatamad kasi akong mag exercise...hehehe

  8. I hope you lose unwanted pounds as well as your love handles, lol. You are not fat but the problem of your bulge bothers you. Those are wonderful shots of the sky. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. Wonderful shots. Great reward for walking, getting fun and exercise. Saves gas, too.

    My skywatch photo goes with a long post here: Skywatch at

  10. I love the 2nd photo tokaya. parang iginuhit ang clouds.

    Desert Safari

  11. i fail at my diets! what's worst, i fail to do some exercise which has been my plan for like eons ago!!!
    now that, christmas is coming, food would surely be the main attraction, so God help me, hehe

  12. Beautiful Photos Rose. I hope I can lose the equivalent weight I have gained. :(

  13. Lovely skywatch you've got here!

    Regards Viola :)

  14. Ako naman madam iba, I always do sit-ups/belly crunch pag meron ako kc it helps pra mawala ang menstrual cramps ko...

  15. Pinanindigan mo na talaga ang meme na to bading ahh hehehe. ako walang pag asa nito,


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