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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am Pooped!

Oh lord, I am beat and pooped. I was in the mood to do some gardening this morning so as soon as I woke up, I went out in the yard and started doing it. My Father-in-Law, gave me this gerbera daisy for my birthday (Thanks Dad).

There are three inside the planter so I decided to segregage each of them and planted it in three separate planter pots.

But anyhow, I did not stop until almost twelve then we went to Lowe's and got me some mulch, dropped by at Dad's and came back to continue what I was doing. I helped hubby mow the grass and then I started again with my gardening. I wasn't able to spread out my mulch as I finish planting my creeping phlox.

These are the miniature roses that Dad gave to me a couple of weeks ago. He knows my weakness lol. Thanks again Dad.

I am now off to bed dear friends as I am very tired (it's 12:01 now). I just forced myself to post this one. Goodnight and thanks for coming by.


  1. Almost I can smell these beautiful flowers! Hugs.

  2. wow, another plants to bloom very soon.. can't wait to see your garden in full bloom.. naku sis, like ko din mag garden, nga lang wala space dito manila, or kung province di naman na ko stay don.. wish ko lang me garden din ako..

  3. Wow, the gerbera daisy looks very beautiful!

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  5. Lovely photos! Time in the garden is time well spent. Must get out in mine today, but maybe when it gets a little bit cooler towards the end of the day. Have a great week!

  6. awwwwwww...what a beaty...ganda ng flower sis...parehas tau ng FIL....mahilig din magbigay si FIL ng plants and flowers...yung iba d nagsurvive...ehehhehe!

    adgi me muna dito badingding before hitting the road again....hope to blog hop tonight....

    ayay! every time we come to vegas d kami nagcacasino...d kasi kami mahilig ni ayoko!

    enjoy the rest of the weekend....mwah!

  7. wow! i wish I could have your love for gardening! Certified green thumb ka. My mother loves gardening too, khit ano itanim, namumunga o nabubuhay. Un nga lang, di ko namana un pagiging green thumb niya. :(
    I like the way the daisies were separated pero di pa din nalanta? ang galing! :)

  8. Gardening is so tiring but oh the joy when we reap the benefits of our labor! Love the gerbras and how smart to separate them!

  9. Rose: I love the daises and wish you luck with them.

  10. Pretty gerbena daisies, nice dad in law! Pretty photos, take some time to rest now.

  11. Mapapagod ka nga sa dami nang ginawa mo. Mahilig ka talaga sa gardening kaya naman a basket of flowers ang iniregalo sa iyo nang FIL mo. Ikaw siguro ang pinakapaborito niyang daughter in law maski Pinay ka. Maalalahanin ka kasi ang you shopw appreciation sa lahat nang ginagawa nang FIL mo sa iyo. Just rest your tired body and you can blog hop the following day. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. I love Gerber daisies. Make sure you keep them watered, they die easily.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  13. very beautiful flowers, one of my fave are the Daisies :-)

  14. I don't know but this is just a surmise: try to plant three different colours in one pot and see if it will result to crossbred.

    Gardening is really a divine pleasure.

  15. galing mo talaga mag alaga bakla. Kakainggit mga plants mo. I wish we have that kind of place to plant some flowers or vegies, kaso itong lugar namin walang matatamnan tapos yung may ari ayaw yata ipatanggal ang mga tanin sa front porch. I love all your flowers bakla at nabubuhay talaga sila ha, green thumb ka talaga. Kaya siguro ninakaw garden gnome mo kasi inggit sa mga plants mo.


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