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Monday, June 28, 2010

Button on the Nose

Some of you might remember when I posted the incident about my daughter inserting a bead inside her nose. I totally freaked out when Rylie stuck a bead in her nose because that time my husband was at work and that was the first that I ever encounter such a thing.

Our son did the same thing. I think he found a button on the floor and insert it in his nose. Last Thursday night, he kept digging his nose and telling us that there is a big boogger there. I cleaned it with q-tip but he wasn't satisfied and said that it's still there. I looked but did not see anything. The next day, he was doing it again and this time I really let him lie down so I could take a good look at his nose. He told me this time that he stuck a button there, I was like "Oh no, not again"

I used a tweezer because the button was way down there. I couldn't get it since the tweezer is too big for his nose. Hubby instructed our son to blow his nose and thank God, he knows how to do it unlike Rylie who freaked out and couldn't do it. It came out a little bit and I was able to pull it out. Thanks EJ, you saved us from going to the hospital. I wonder why kids like to do these things. Does your kids do this stuff too?


  1. Ganun ba, buti di umiyak ... ang laki kaya niyang butones na yan.... kids talaga!

  2. Oh wow! That sounds scary! Thank God everything's fine now!

    Looking forward to seeing you at my new blog domain! :D ( I'm a full-time mummy )

  3. nakakakaba yun!...dati naman naipasok ko yung laruan kong dyolens sa aking ilong, buti nalang at nailabas ko rin.. kulit pa kasi ako nun.

  4. hahahahaha... ganyan ako noong 3 yrs pa lang daw..

  5. I did this too! I panicked and my mom asked me to blow my nose. Thank God it came out!

  6. OMG!! what a brave kid indeed...if it was my little Koala.. Im sure he'll be screaming from the top of his lungs..

    btw Mommy Rose, you are invited to join $300 worth Brand new Coach Satchel Bag Contest". Hope you can take a peek and join as well.

  7. Naku laki namang button nian Ateh...buti hindi xa maxado nasaktan. Ung pinsan ko naman buto ng sampalok ung pinasak sa ilong...

  8. oh my dear lord...waaaaaa....kakatakot naman badingding...malaki pa naman yong button....hope akesha will not do gosh, buti nakuha mo sis....

    musta na pala manang ko? my gosh, sensya na po at ngayon lang ulit naka blog hop...may lazy bug kasi!

    blog hop muna ako while my laundry is spinning...ehehhe!

  9. Whew, it's nice that EJ was able to blow the button out of his nose. Praise the Lord for His great mercy on EJ. One would really freak out when things like these happen to your children. Kids are very playful and they usually swallow or put things in their nose or ears. Be sure to explain certain no nos to kids so that these things can be avoided. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. oh my EJ..don't do that again please. well, i guess and im sure di na nila gagawin ulit, alam na nila yan.
    yes sis, ewan bakit mga kids mahilig mag ganyan. yung sa kin naman yung pamangkin ko.. wala naman sa mga kids, takot sila.. yung bunso ko lang humawak sa plantsa, kahit anong saway at bantay ko. ayun, nalaman niya mainit nga pala.. kids talaga, gusto magdiscover ng kung ano ano...

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. waaaa kakaba-kaba...buti na lang at nailabas na...sus maria..pinagpawisan ako rose sa nerbyos waaaaaaa. well, salamat na lang at hindi ko naranasan yan waaa..kakatakot..ang laki pa naman ng butones na yan..

    BTW.. tawa ako ng tawa ng sinabi mong copied na yong address ko...hehehe nakalimutan kong nanghingi ka nga pala sa kin ng address, kayong dalawa ni Cacai sorry...malilimutin na kasi...hahaha

  13. nakakatakot naman Rose, saan ba nagmana mga anak mo hehe. Buti nalang I haven't experienced sa boy ko. But one of our pupils in school,ganyan din ginawa. Pinasok yong stone sa ilong buti nalang yong kasama ko di nagpanik at nalabas din yong bato sa ilong.
    But when I was 5 yrs old, yong boto ng kape pinasok ko sa ilong ko hahaha.

  14. Haist katakot naman yan girl ung neighbor namin, nd button yung bala talaga sa toy gun niya haist, Naiiyak na ang mama while trying to take it out kids talaga.

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  16. I saw you following my blog so I returned the favor. Naalala ko yung nangyari sa anak ko noon nung mabasa ko yung post mong ito. Meron kasing mga malalaking beads na necklace yung wife ko na nakalas at kumalat. Yung isa ay pinaglaruan pala niya at inilagay sa ilong. Nataranta yung yaya niya, buti na lang dumating ako from work. I saw him trying to inhale the beads instead of blowing it. Di pa siya marunong mag-blow nun. I tried pressing his nose pero lalong pumapasok kaya I used my thumb to block the bead from going inside by pressing his nose tapos I used a hairpin. Natatawa pa ako kasi kumikinang yung ilong niya since pearl ang kulay niya. Take care.

  17. Omg sis..Nakakatakot naman yan..Thank God he's fine..Take care sis and thanks for droppin by in my page..I'm doing wonderful and how about you??

  18. Oh geez!! I've had to do the very same thing with BOTH of my granddaughters, and at least 2 of my own kids. LOL Good thing you could get it out...sometimes it goes up so far, only a doctor can do it. :0

    Thanks for joining my weightloss blog too, Rose! I miss having you link up with me for Tasty Tuesday! :)


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