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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Installing the Gates of the Fence

Hello everyone, how is the start of your week? Mine was busy, I just now have the time to open my blog and make some update. We went to Lowe's today and bought the water sealer that we will apply on the inside part of the fence. Below are the pictures when hubby and I, with the help of Dad, installed the gates. We did not buy a ready made gate because it was a little expensive.

My husband just made tow gates out of the panels that we bought.

Now that our fence is up, I am glad because the kids can just play at the back without me worrying that some bad people will harm them. The deers also can't access with my flowers anymore, the only problem is that my dog Chelsea loves eating all of the flowers she can't find wahhhhh.

We used solid stain outside the fence to hide the grains of the wood and we will be using clear and natural look of stain inside. Hubby will use a sprayer inside to finish it quicker. Will post the painted fence net time. 


  1. Wow Mommy Rose that is a tall fence which is good for the kids. Still don't allow them to go out with out you we don't know who is lurking around. Just make me scared of what is happening around us now many more kids are missing and even if I don't have kids to worry about I worry for my friends makes me paranoid hehehehe. Anyhow, enjoy the sun this week and kisses to the kiddos! Happy RT!

  2. Best wishes in your new creations! Hugs.

  3. so that's the fence that kept you and john busy. ganda tokaya lalo na siguro kapag may paint na. it's worth the time you spent.

    btw, sasali ako sa pa-contest mo.sana manalo ako.

  4. nga pala i am a follower and subscriber of "spice up your life".

  5. di si Chelsea na lang ang ikulong mo Rose para di makain ang flowers hahaha joke...nice at tapos na ang fence mo, at least di ka na mag aalala if lumabas ng bahay ang apat na kiddos (including the dogs).hhehe

    baboz na kasi nag adgi at EC lang ako dito haha

  6. ang galing nyo naman.. tanggal ang pagod sa ganito kagandang fence .. at wala pa paint yan maganda na!!

  7. na..talagang napa ka busy nyo..hahahha!!

    sis thanks sa follow sa ako new site ha! take care! godbless!

  8. That's quite a fence. Nice that the whole set up was a family affair.

  9. Great fence: such hard work - Happy RT!


  10. Wow, your husband is very handy. Congrats on your new gates :) My husband is just beginning to learn those stuff.

  11. BTW sis, I added yours and hubby's badge in friends badges/links page of my blog.

  12. Alam mo yung fence ninyo ay magsisilbing monumento nang labor of love nang buong pamilyang Cottrill from the grandfather down to the grandchildren. Blessed ka to have a husband like John who saved a lot of money for your family by doing the fence himself instead of hiring a professional team that could have cost you a fortune. That you have an ever helpful FIL and some solicitous neighbors made the job easier for John and you. Kudos for your citadel of love and bayanihan spirit in doing the fence by yourselves. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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