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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lavender Fields of Iris

Aside from outing, partying, and other outdoor fun, gardening is one of my favorite outdoor activities that I love doing during summer time. It gives me relaxation and ME-time therapy hehehe. It is also a great bonding moment for me and my kids as they love gardening also.

When we first bought our house, there are only a couple of bigh shrubs around the house. Hubby and I did not like it as they were growing near the wall already so he dug those out and I planted some plants to replaced them.
At the right side of our house, I [planted irises in it and I did not realize that it will grow so thick. When we came back from Korea, I was so surprised to find how thick they got.
They are now in full bloom and we are lovin it.
We had so much taking pictures of it yesterday while the kids were running around playing after they've gone through their sickness.

See how thick they got. Who would want some to plant, I'll give you some? You just have to come here and get it lol.

Thanks for visiting here friends! Hope you enjoy our lavender fields of Iris!


  1. That was weird, it almost wouldn't let me comment. Well I'm glad it did because your flowers and pictures are gorgeous! They look so thick, what beauty. I hope you cut them now and again and bring some in for a bouquet in the house, great pics.

  2. oh my gosh...I so envy your garden bakla....wish we're kapitbahay para hingi ako gorgeous!

    bukas na ako mag blog hop sa iba bakla...ehhehe...busy ako kanina doing chores...dami ko kasing tinupi na clothes...tambak tambak eh...ehehhe....d nga ako gumawa ng opps...waaaaaa....sige, night night na ako....:) mwah!

  3. Rose,pahingi naman!
    ang ganda-ganda kasi,baka pwede yan dito sa pinas.

  4. i wonder if i could plant irises, too. hehe. wonderful, wonderful flowers and pics! ^__^

    keep those flowers blooming!

  5. you and your daughter look so lovely.. can i have some of of those lavender flowers hehe.. are those wild? so unique, sana meron dito, at mag garden ako, hehe. kaya lang el nino dito kaya di maka survive.. ilove gardening din, nga lang, i dont have a greenthumb, lahat ata tinanim ko, di nakasurvive.

    sana maka-join na nga ako sa shoot me.,

  6. Visiting! Good morning to you and your family. I love your filed of Irises. I too have lot of Irises in my garden and other plants. I can relate to you when you said about working in the garden, no matter how tired you get it doesn't matter because later on it will pay off. :) Hope to see you around!

    Adin B

  7. love how you both sniffing on those lovely flowers! and Rye looks like a lady here :)

    u may view mine too here

  8. wow so purple uhmm thats one of my favorite color haist I wish I have a green thumb

  9. Napakaganda at matingkad ang kulay nang mga lavender irises na yan. They are really blooming. Siguradong gustong gusto rin yan nang mga anak mo lalo na si Rylie. Wala niyan sa Pinas. Napakaraming magandang bulaklak diyan na wala sa atin dito sa Pinas. Tutubo kaya rito yan kapag itinanim dito? Thanks for the blooming post. God bless you all always.

  10. Napaka dramatic mo naman bading may pasimhot simhot pa parang model. badingding talaga.

  11. What a lovely surprise! I love those flowers.. your daughter is so cute and so is you.. :)

  12. Wow, I think they look so beautiful!!

  13. Your iris's are beautiful! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

  14. wow mommy rose super ganda ng mga flowers! i love the color cause its one of my favorite too... ;-)

  15. Beautiful shots of you and the flowers.


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