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Monday, February 16, 2009


I talked to Mama on Valentine's day and she doesn't have a clue that we are going to see her in 3 weeks. I contacted my sister in Manila and told her to ask our mother to visit her. Mama asked me if my sister Lyn told me why she was being asked to go to Manila, I just told her that maybe my sister is going to get married hehehe. She also asked me when we are going to visit her, I told her that we are going there in December, she was very happy that finally she will be able to see her grandkids. I miss Mama very much, there were times when I was pregnant and when I gave birth to both of my kids that I wish she's with me. I thank God that He gave us the means to be able to visit this year. Whew, I better stop, tears are running my cheeks now wahhh... Goodnight friends...
This picture was taken when I left the country five years ago...

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