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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Champ's first Vet visit

The breeder where we bought our pup Champ told us that he's due for the second shot this month so yesterday hubby made an appointment and we took Champ to the doctor. I think Champ can feel that something is going to happen to him because he got so nervous while we were driving going to the vet's office.
The vet doctor gave him one shot, squirted something in his mouth for de-worming stuff, checked for fleas and his over all physique. He said that Champ is so healthy and a little husky for his age... ruff ruff.

He taught us on how to discipline him. He said that Champ is in his age now where he understand discipline. We been having a hard time making him go outside to do his wee wee and duke but he is getting better though. I think it's just the weather that hindering him to do it outside.

Inside the reception area of the Vet's office.
While waiting for the doctor to come, Champ was shivering so we had to give some love and reassurance that he will be okay.
I find this Christmas tree cute because it has Christmas cards with pets pictures.
And so is the wreath.
Alrighty folks, our baby will have his next shot next month. I did not know that dogs are much more expensive than a human visit to the doctor lol. I think, we may have to get him an insurance to cover some of those expenses. 


  1. exactly! hihi. dogs are much more expensive not only for vet concern but also for maintenance.

  2. Hey champ you are not wearing seatbelt hehehe. Umiyak din ba ang puppy nyo bakla during the shot?

  3. uh,uh, cute namn ni puppy sis! hope everything's fine now! good day!

  4. Very cute! Wishing you by heart Merry Christmas and all the very best to you and your lovely family a Happy New Year!

  5. i agree they are more expensive and as they grow old the prize you bought them will become double from maintenance and for everything they need but its worth the prize if you really love to care animals,thanks for being a good samaritan to animals...

  6. Champ is a cute puppy dog. The visit to the vet's are important to keep our pets healthy and happy.

  7. Congrats on your new puppy, he's so cute!!! Good thinking getting him from a breeder too, that's the best place to get a dog!

  8. What a precious new addition! Good luck!

  9. he is a sweet little one

    definitely get insurance!!!
    I didn't years ago and spent a fortune

    I have insurance now for my 2 cats, one of them is getting older and having troubles
    the insurance helps a lot

  10. He is such a cutie! Our furbabies can be very expensive, but worth it!

  11. Rose: What a great little beagle, they can be a gentle dog.

  12. Champ is such a cutie.

    I love your Christmas tree Rose and lots of beautiful Christmas cards.

  13. Nice Catch. Love your critter. Hope you can find time to visit mine.

  14. Nice entry for camera critters. Mine is up. Hope to see you there. God Bless!

  15. So cute ni champ sitting on the drivers seat. He can sense that he's going for a doctors visit that's why he's nervous hehehe.

    Happy Holidays! God Bless you and your family. Hugs!

  16. Champ is too cute! I am glad his vet visit went well and that he is a healthy pup.

    Kittens aren't a whole lot cheaper either. Not to mention our Inky has a habit of getting into trouble and requiring an emergency vet visit.


  17. Nakakatuwa ang mukha ni Champ, mukhang pensive at palaging me iniisip. Ganyang ganyan yung dating tuta namin, tatlo ang kulay. Pandak din ba ang breed niyan? Yung sa amin kasi ay pandak at hindi masyadong lumalaki, humahaba lang. Tama ka na mas mahal pa ang shots sa aso kaysa bakuna sa bata, lol. Kasi kung minsan ay libre ang bakuna sa bata lalo na sa health center samantalang walang libreng bakuna sa aso. Mahal na mahal siguro ni Rye at EJ yung aso ninyo. Huwag ninyong masyadong ispoilin baka mamihasa, lol. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.

  18. Your puppy is adorable! They are costly but so worth it. My son just moved back home early this year and has a puppy too. He looks a lot like yours. My girlfriend said he would be my grandpuppy since I don't have grandchildren yet LOL


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