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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Self-Giving to God

The theme for the scriptures last Sunday is Self-Giving to GOD. "With God there are no endings. Only Endless beginnings!
A priest was asked: "Father, how much should I spend on my wife's Christmas present?" In plain language, the answer was: "If you love her, you know. And if you do not love her, give nothing!" Around Christmas, Mother's day, and Father's day millions are made on our desire to express our affections for loved ones by giving present. (Say it with flowers!) Giving is a symbolic way of saying : "I love you, I'm grateful, I'm sorry, forget what has happened!" expressing meanwhile a whole gamut of feelings in between.
After the mass, the chapel usually serves coffee and cookies for the church parishioner to enjoy. These are taken last Sunday after the mass with my Korean friends.
Coffee anyone?


  1. Ang bubbly mo sa pictures bakla ganda ng ngiti after church time. Namimis ko na talaga going to church, pray mo soul ko next time bakla ha hehehehe.

  2. The greatest gift we can give to God is to surrender our lives to Him and to live in order to please Him and give glory to His name. Ang galing naman nang church ninyo na nakakapag serve nang cookies and coffee. Malaking bagay yun sa mga bagong churchgoers dahil ramdam nilang parang importante sila. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. yes, you can measure how one loves you by the gifts you received. No, not the value of the gifts but how precious you are to the giver.

  4. It is really important that we go to church and be fed spiritually.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

  5. A great reflection on gift giving. And I agree with Mel, to surrender our life to Him.

    Enjoy your week!

  6. hi buds! just droppin' by to say "hello..." nakasilip din ng konti though on-going pa rin enrollment...hehehe..

    nice pics buds...i can see you're really excited to go back to the states, ha...nweis, goodluck to you and happiness always!

  7. Nice playtime for the kids while you are attending mass sis.. they must be really having a good time :-)

  8. Hi sis I'm back. I have an award for you feel free to grab it anytime you want. :)

  9. hhahaha..natatawa ako sa comment ni tsang....ako din sis bakla...pray mo din soul ko...waaaaaaaaa.....:)

    very inspiring naman tong post mo sis....thanks for sharing....:)

    abot tenga naman tong ngiti ni manang...super bubbly talaga!....:)

  10. very nice post, Rose, thanks for sharing :-)!

  11. great pics, fun time :)

    I blogged

    I won ec from you pls visit link for ec detail, thanks

  12. hi sis already email you hope you get it.

  13. Dami friends dyan ah. ^_^ I'm so happy for you ^_^ pengeng kape? meron din bang pandesal dyan?....nagutom tuloy ako....

  14. oo nga importante na, we never forget to go to church kasi we really need it, not only just asking God for everything but also thanking him for what we recived.

  15. Worldly gifts are nice, but they cannot replace the heavenly ones. I enjoyed seeing a photo of you and friends. Thanks for stopping by my place today. Take care.


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