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Monday, August 10, 2009

EJ's Milestone

In just two months, our son's growth and development is leaping like a frog. He went from knowing just a few words to very talkative, now he can talk clearly and communicating is not a problem anymore. I love it during bed time because he would ask for a hug and a kiss and will say "d'night Mama, la'yo!" It just tickles my heart. Then last Thursday, I encouraged him to try pedaling his bike and he successfully did it. Just last month, his feet are still a little bit short but now, he can do it with ease. I am so proud of you Anak! He is also willing to potty trained now although he really succeeded but I am happy because I know that it is a great beginning for him to learn. Okay EJ, grunt!


  1. thanks for the visit sis... Im reading your marvelling blog also.. Im happy you have all the happinnes now. I thought I will find mine too when I got married but I am very wrong,, anyway... happy weekends sis

  2. cute, chubs... when he grows up, i m sure he will appreciate this obscene..he might say.. hahaha...

  3. EJ is really growing so fast! before you knew he would want to clean his bottom himself after each potty!

    Visiting here, Rose :-). Happy weekend!

  4. Kids grow so fast, and before you know it, they are already talking to you. Telling you things that amaze you as their mom. From my oldest to my youngest, I still cannot believe how big they are now.

    Speaking of potty training, it's good that EJ is now showing interest. Alexandra is 2, but still on diapers, ang mahal pa naman, wahhh!!

  5. hahaha...ang cute pa rin kahit nandyan sya...LOL

    Time flies so fast talaga noh? Sis, salamat ha for the comments. Okay lang sayo sa PPP kasi mataas yung PR mo eh.

    Sa PPP sa akin, maliit lang nakukuha ko, unlike before. Sa SS ako lucky kasi balik na ulit RR ko.

    I am still fixing my errors sa Google. Kasi may mga widget ako that I erase, feeds pala yun, it goes back to google as errors. Nakaka affect talaga sa PR but, not sa RR.

    I am careful now with my posting of pictures too. Dapat nababasa ng Google robot. D pala nya nabasa jpeg000..,hehehe...dapat pala before downloading,lagyan dapat ng description. Lagi pa naman ako nag post ng pictures.

    I checked it all sa Webmasters TOOl ko. Okay lang naman syo Sis hehehe. taas pa rin lahat rankings mo. hehehe.

    Yap, observed ko talaga, i did not blog hop for 3 days, d nag affect yung RR ko but i have an average of visitors through google search. Nakakalito ano?

  6. woi may nag popoooo....hehehehe! joke! wow galing naman ni EJ..very good....great job manang ko...dami na achievements ni EJ....way to go! ayan, makaka save na yan ng diaper...hehehhe!

    woi sis, sowe na missed ko yung IM mo lastnight....was using the other PC after I buzzed you..kaya ayon na missed ko...hehehe...:)

    musta pala weekend nyo? daan muna ako dito bago luto...dito lang kami sa bahay..dami din kasi gawain..besides hubby is on duty...hala sige..babosh...mwah!

  7. EJ will grow up to be an adveturous guy just like his father. It is really heartwarming to see the rapid development of one's baby boy. Soon he will be running around your yard, flying kites and climbing trees. You are so blessed to have wonderful childrewn like Rylie and EJ. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  8. Ang galing mag-alaga ni mama,kaya mabilis silang natuto.

  9. Rose, just enjoy this moment with him, this will happen only once. this is a great feeling for us mom,it is priceless!

  10. buti pa si ej marunong na si faith nd pa wahhh hehehe

  11. buti pa si ej marunong na si faith nd pa wahhh hehehe

  12. Ang cute nmn ng baby mo :P hope to have one next year lol.

  13. hehe cute ng mukha ni EJ na nag papotty.
    Its good that he is willing to potty trained.

  14. Ahhh ang cute ni joops, ang ganda pa naman ng bike nya, pag tinapon nyo na yan bakla tell me so I can go there pick it up from your trash hehehehehe. of course mommy and daddy should be proud with hisaccomplishments. Nag potty training na pala yan makulit na EJ mo tsang, buti namn successful, minus gastos sa diaper hehehe. His facial experssion was so cute the one with his potty, parang nagsasabi ng nga mensahe " mommy naman a little privacy please hehehehe" mommy gotta take some pics joops for documentation and remembrance when you grow up lol. Love the pics baklosh.

  15. goodlooking talaga family nyo.. ej is such a gwapito.. yeah i think hes ready for potty train.


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