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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Legazpi Airport

We took these photos after we checked in at the Legazpi airport. While we were waiting for the PAL aircraft, we consumed our time taking pictures because we may not be there for a long time after this trip. Taken by our daughter, a little bit blurry.
Then we went out again because our friends Lina, Ate Chay and Haide came to send us off hehehe. So clicked again lol. They brought us suman for snacks.
Just having fun while waiting for our flight at the departure area of Legazpi Airport. Good job Rye in taking this one!
Here's our very ornery burrito. Have a safe weekend everyone!


  1. Mas maganda na siguro ang Legazpi ngayon ano? I was there in 1994 or 1995 yata di kami masyadong nakalibot, sandali lang kami namiss pa namin flight namin.

  2. nice naman you were having a good time with suman and friends while waiting for the plane :) at least di kayo na bo bored especially the kids.

  3. woi pagka saya-saya nyo naman naka eyeglasses kapa...thought you're not wearing them anymore....:)

    kumusta yung weekend nyo jan manang? kami ni Akesha we went shopping kahapon, then we went to the park...just to ease the loneliness...hirap na kung mag mokmok din kami during the dito lang ata kami sa bahay..super init kasi..kahapon lang 103 yung init...kakaloka...nakakpaso yung init dito...:)

    sige sis, daan muna ako dito...have to blog hop muna...absent kasi ako lastnight...have to visit all your blogs...mwah!

  4. responsible talaga ni baby oyy...galing ng kuha ...good job lil girl

  5. Tama ka tsang, enjoy the opportunity dahil matagal tagal pa bago makabalik sa atin, walang probs sa inyo kasi 5 hours lang ang flight ang mura lang sguro ticket toink! hehehehe. Ang galing talaga na photgrapher ang baby rylie mo tsang, ganda ng pagkakuha nyong tatlo with the burito hehehehehe. pero yung first phot para kayong mga aswang hehehe joke lang ang dilim, hindi nakita mga face byo parang shadow lng. Anyways, hope you guys had a fun family weekend.

  6. Your post is very interesting because of the photos you include there. As usual, your photos show the
    exciting moments you had while waiting for your flight out of Bicol. It's nice to know that Rylie can already take pictures. She can also take photography as a hobby as she grow older. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  7. Na-miss ko na naman ang Pinas. :(
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your lovely photos. :)

  8. am looking forward to seeing yena use my CAMI :) nakakatuwa si rylie tlga :) matured na sya noH??

  9. oh my suman! hehe! na miss ko na yan! ^_^ with matching sugar pa on the side hehe! ^_^ nice pics! thanks for sharing.

  10. hello rose. ok naman..not really blurry yung pictures. have a safe trip.

    take care and regards to your family

  11. like i said never been to that part of Luzon..hopefully I could visit the place..been hearing nice things about it..thanks for sharing these photos though..somehow I would know what to expect if ever mapadpad ako don..

  12. Wow, sweet couple! Galing na talaga ng photographer nyo! And the kids seemed to be enjoying the moment!

    How I love Legazpi! Beautiful place!

    Btw, joke lang ba yung about my PR? Nung i-check ko, PR2 pa rin naman. Totoo? Nag--zero na sya? Na alarmed ako dun ah! he he..

  13. wow, ang saya saya ng lahat pero deep inside ay nalulungkot din kasi mami-miss nila kayo. Good job Rylie..haha

  14. What lovely photos!

    I have been double checking my links and I cannot seem to find mine on your blogroll!
    Let em know if I am missing it...thanks so much!

  15. Ang galing talagang photographer ni Rylie--ok lang kahit blurry yung isa!!Nakaka-miss yung suman ah,good thing dinalhan kayo ng snacks ng friend mo^_^

  16. Hi Rose,

    You such a joy when i read your profile, and you are lucky to have beautiful kids. Jillian is the daughter right? I'd like to have a daughter :) Stay bubbly ;)

  17. galing talaga ni Rylie mag take ng pictures ah :-); am glad you had fun there at the airport; tama ka matagal na uli kayo makakabalik since twice this year kayo nag visit; anyway have a great day :-).

  18. Ang cute-cute talaga ng mga kids mo, Praise God! :)

    And your daughter knows how to take a pic na! Ok ang pagkakuha, except for the little blur, but iyong pagiging center is ok ha. :)


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