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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enjoying the beauty of nature on weekend Part 1

Hey guys, how's your Sunday been? We were not able to go to church today (Sorry Lord!). We slept late last night and woke up late this morning. So when we woke up it was late already for church. My husband decided to mow our lawn and I did the laundry after we ate our tocino and rice breakfast. After our household chores, we decided to go to a nearby place called National Fisheries and Research. It's a huge place where Korean's enjoy their walks and family bonding. I'll give you the tour on the second part of this post, Meanwhile enjoy this first sets of photos.
We tested our climbing abilities here lol.. Our son having his exercise by pushing his stroller hehehe.. Some Koreans doing hula hoops action.
So there's our weekend. Tune in for the part 2. Have a blessed Sunday everyone. I will visit you guys tomorrow. For now I gotta hit the bed because it is 12:12 midnight and my eyes are begging me to close them already...


  1. Lovley family and lovely pics :-) its so nice to see you and your son climbing the tress.. hehe..

    great day tmrow.. :-)

  2. di ko kaya ang climbing activity nyo mads...takot ako sa hts.!!

  3. aba ang mga model oh nagsiakyatan na haha gaganda ng mga views nman nyo jan

  4. Hahahha...woke up late for church? It happened to me sometimes. Geee...

    It's good to have a weekend out sometimes. And that tree is so huge...I wonder how old it is.

  5. Wow perfect bonding moments.All your pictures are lovely mommy and I think you had a great time at the park.btw I have an award for you

  6. wow what a great bonding for the whole fam....nice photos sis....galing ah...posing to the max talaga...buti d nahulog si Rye sa kahoy...hehehhe...:)

    musta na sis? nako kami sa bahay lang kami general tired and exhausted...wheww!

    woi good to don't eat dinuguan pala...hehehe...:)

  7. Wow! Lovely family pictures! Ganda! :)

    Exciting naman ng life mo, Rose. Nasa South Korea ka ngayon! Galing naman! :)

  8. hello rose! ang ganda naman ng outing ninyo. cute ng mga photos! kainggit!

  9. Hi Thanks for following my blog ! Would you like to exchange links ?

  10. hahahaaa!!parang na-miss ko rin yata yang ma- late sa Sunday church lol!
    Ang laki naman ng puno,Ate Rose!!Ang ganda pa ng views!!\(^0^)/I'm glad to hear the family enjoyed your weekend^_^

  11. As usual, you got fantastic photos of your family bonding in a park in South Korea. I'm surprised that you can actually climb trees. Too bad you all missed the Sunday service. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  12. wow! nice bonding! hindi mo nanaman ako sinama sa galaan nyo ha! by the way, salamat at natuwa ang iyong anak sa video hehe..salamat din sa b-day greetings! I linked your name here bilang aking pasalamat.mwah!

  13. nice family pictures...kung ganito ba namn ang place sarap mag unwind talaga..happy blogging!

  14. oi sexy lady! baket ako mgagalit sau aber? hahahah

    loka ka. wla lang ako time to blog hop. haaaay buhay. wla na nga rin time to do oppss. haaay buhay tlga. hahaha

    miss u too! sexy mo sa mga pictures niyo ha..

  15. hala kainis ako yan mare hindi yan si yobib ha! :) grrrrrr out na ko sa acct nia LOL


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