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Sunday, April 12, 2009

they follow...

Life in the place where I grew up is very simple, it is an hour ride from the town proper of Donsol. We don't have cable (just local channels on TV) and no telephone (the main source of communication there is cellphone). Its a remote place that is. During our stay with my family, the only entertainment for the kids are the animals like carabao, pigs, chicken and the kids that goes to our house everyday. Every afternoon we used to go to the seashore to watch the sunset and collect some shells. And everytime we come out our house, kids starts to follow us hehehe. My kids just love it.

I am glad that during our visit in the Philippines, my kids did not get sick and they enjoy every moment that we were there.


  1. ika so pinakadakula sa mga kids hehehe....
    i miss donsol...

  2. woi manang..para pala kayong artista nong umuwi kayo sa pinas...hehehhe!

    dami kayang mga bata na umaaligid-ligid....hehhee..pinag pepyestahan ba naman ang mga anak mo....hehehhe!

    cute nman nang mga tskiting na ito...dami kaya nila...hehhehe...:) am sure na miss nila Rye and EJ ang kaguluhan....hehhehe!

    woi dko alam na malapit lang pala kayo sa dagat...sarap naman ng buhay don ano..mapayapa at malayo sa pollution at kaguluhan....:)

    samin naman nasa highway yung samin...kaya maingay at polluted kasi dmai sasakyan...kahit sa barrio ng parents ko,...pero don malapit sa ilog....hhehee!

    Nako next time pag uwi nyo dala kayo ng madaming candies para dadami bata na susunod sa inyo...hehhehe...just kidding!

  3. I never imagine you to come from Donsol. It is now a famous tourist spot because of the presence of butanding (whale shark)there. Your kids had the best time of their lives experiencing things they never experienced before. Of course the local kids will congregate to where your kids are. With their fair complexion and adorable looks, they look like gods and goddesses that came down from the sky, hehehe, lol. So nice to know that you really enjoyed your vacation in the Philippines. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  4. I apprecaite the way you remember the olden days. Hope your kids enjoyed well.

    Keep posting.

  5. hahahhaaa!!nakakatuwa naman ang mga bata!!naalala ko tuloy ang bakasyon namin sa probincya--sina Wakaba at Haruka naman ay hinahabol ng mga galang manok!!lol!

    Happy Easter to you and the family!^_^

  6. thank you again for dropping my blog..i like the color of your now ur in albay.i love to go there and see the mayon volcano..

  7. Eu mads, I am the biggest kids among them all hahahha..

  8. Yes dhemz, we are very near sa dagat hehehe.. di mo ba alam na sirena ako dati hahahaha.. Seriously, mas malapit yung unanag bahay namin na inanod ng tidal wave..

    Nakakamiss nga ang buhay sa probinsya kasi walang polusyun and very simple lang pamumuhay..

  9. Salamat Kuya Mel, actually si John ang main attractions sa mga bata hehehe.. bihira kasi sila makakita ng foreigner dun sa amin hehehe..

  10. We should never forget the olden day Jarlin, thank you!

  11. Hahahah bakit naman hinahabol sila ng manok, baka may dala silang corn or something hehehe... Thanks for sharing your experience clarissa.

  12. You should go there Cris, you'll see a lot of scenic spots there..


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