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Thursday, April 23, 2009

So painful!

When I woke up yesterday and use the bathroom, I felt a burning sensation when I peed (urinated). It was bearable though, so when hubby told me that he was going to bring me to medical, I immediately said NO!" I hate hospital. But today the pain was unbearable and at the end of my pee, the last drops are BLOOD! I was alarmed! So I told hubby about it. Of course he said "See." Okay I am stubborn, hard head or whatever you want to call me, but as long as I can still bear the pain, I don't mind. But anyhow, I will try to go to the hospital tomorrow, so please include me in your prayers guys. Thanks a lot and good night!


  1. It might be a UTI case, Rose. From my experience, it's always advantageous to see a doctor on the onset of some symptom. Para lang hindi na siya lumala pa. Hopefully, it's nothing serious, don't worry.

    Promise, I'll include you in my prayer tonight! Sweet dreams!

  2. Uhmm you must go to a doctor for check up it must be a UTI...and of course I will include u to my prayers

  3. It could be UTI rose, try drink a lot of water. Hindi ko pa na experience ang ganyang feeling but I heard it really hurts. You should go to your doctor mommy rose before it get worse. Hope you feel better soon at mawala na yang sakit, and everything is fine nothing serious. Take care of your health. hugs and prayer.

  4. Rose, I strongly recommend you be checked out like your hubby said. There probably is just a simple infection and meds can take care of that but you better be sure than sorry. I am praying for you girl, God does look out for us. Good luck and let us know.

  5. naku te nagkaganyan na din ako iwasan ang softdrink lalo na coke pero di ako umabot sa ganyan naku ate talagang kelangan mo na magpa doctor para mabigyan ka ng antibiotic, hope you feel better soon

  6. sounds like you have uti, dear. am still hoping it isn't; for the meantime, drink plenty of water.

    will include you in my prayers for sure.

  7. hi an award for you! . have a blessed thursday!


  8. Good that you see a doctor. I'll pray for you.

  9. ow baka u have UTI?? naku u need to see a doctor na tlga..

    i will include u in my prayers mare.. ingat ha! mwah

  10. I agree about the urinary tract infection. I've had one myself. Besides water, you need cranberry juice too, real cranberry juice. Hopefully it's just a UTI and nothing too major! Feel better.


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