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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When we were in Legazpi, we stayed to a small family owned hotel. what we Like about Jennifer's Kabayan Hotel is that all the employees are very friendly and welcoming except to one lady. I think she is a manager or something but the majority were pretty nice, even the owner always talks to us when we're outside. The ambiance is awesome, they have a terrace where you can sit and relax, a swimming pool to plunge in when you're feeling hot or sit in the beautifully landscaped garden. it's a very nice place to stay especially when you have kids. The price is unbeatable too compared to other hotels in the area.


  1. Girl para siyang drifters dito sa davao ill post it some other time...

  2. ganda naman ng ambience dyan... talagang enjoy mga kids nung umuwisila sa pinas no... =) **hugs to your kids

  3. There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. Have a nice day!

    Lovely pics, by the way!

  4. one can indeed relax and enjoy there with the summer sun.

  5. Ang sarap talagang magbakasyon sa Pinas noh?!Yung talagang bakasyon lang at wala kang iisiping iba.Gandang mag-relax dyan!

  6. mads she is not the manager,,before she is the supervisor but now ordinary na lng,,,ingit lng yun sa mga nag stay dun,,,that is my hubby's bestfrend!!!! hahaha

  7. wow ganda naman ng ambiance manang ano...sana ganyan din bakuran dreaming pati...hehehhe!

    ganda ng mga poses ni Rye...nako lagot ka pag madalaga na ito...hehhehe!

  8. wow yung dalagita pa pose pose lang


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