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Friday, February 13, 2009


This pictures were taken when EJ was 6 months trying to crawl for the very first time. He did not move forward but he stayed that way for a like 10 minutes hehehe. It's awesome how babies try to explore the world by taking the very first move, they are a little afraid but through the guidance of parents, they turn into a brave and courageous individuals who are ready to try many things.
Now EJ can just climb and run everywhere. Children that are guided along the way will develop their skills and other attributes faster than those who aren't.


  1. These are very cute pictures of EJ, good guidance by parents is very critical to bringing up your kid's, and give them lots of love. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

  2. very huggable baby are so blessed jud Rose, i am so glad to see a family like yours

  3. hahaha..ang cute ni EJ dito...hehhe...:)

  4. He already crawl in 6 months? that 's fantastic. Boys walk fast than girl i think. He's big and healthy. Can bite him? lol! i love babies.

  5. Super cute naman ni EJ mommy Rose.. when did he start walking ba? My YL is still trying to learn how to walk but still he's so nervous.

    What did you do to train him walking?
    waah... my baby is so used to be hold always thats why he's not yet walking.

  6. I agreee with you Ms. Maragaret! Parent's guidance is very vital in children's growth and developement

  7. Hehehe, gawa ka na rin kasi ng baaby Ams!

  8. Hi maria, I think it depends on the baby's capacity or development pace.. but yeah, EJ walked earlier compared to our daughter started

  9. Hi Umma, he started making steps when he was eleve months old and by the time he was one, he can walk already..

    just try to challenge him Umma, he'll start walking soon!


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