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Monday, January 19, 2009

BBQ Chicken

We went and bought some fried chicken tonight at BBQ Chicken outside the base and while waiting for our order we took some pictures. We like the place because the ambiance is really nice and we also love the way the food is preapred and its taste. Plus the employees are friendly


  1. such a nice store! i would be taking a lot of photos of that store too:) anyways, i was just hopping around..

  2. sistah Rose, how was your sleep? wow, family bonding huh! nice, I like your top though...

    Btw, I have a surprise for you... read the 1st post in my personal blog - 1 of the 10 facts about me... mwha mwah wmah thannks...

  3. Mukhang masarap ah!Sana maraming american family restaurant dito (T_T)

  4. wow! we love chicken too c: we had our weekend out too c:

  5. i love bbq chicken especially if its a leg roast uhmmm yummmy that make me surely gain weight haay naku!

  6. The ambiance really is nice. Beautiful photos! :)

  7. ganda nmang resto nito! buti wla masyado tao kaya nakuhanan mo ung interior. Ganda ng angles mo...
    the kids must've enjoyed eating there!

  8. ang ganda naman ng store at ang mga pagkain lalo na chicken looks masarap :-)

  9. I love the ambiance too...parang d sya chicken place..para syang parlor...hehhee!


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