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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pasko Na (It's Christmas Time)

My husband took our kids for a drive the other night and they saw some houses with Christmas decorations put up already. So my daughter bugged me yesterday to set out our Christmas decor too. In the States, they don't really put up decorations until after Thanksgiving day. In the Philippines however, decorations starts to show up when the B-E-R months start. Yes, as early as September, you would be able to feel that Christmas is in the air because of the Christmas decorations. Here are some of the pics we took yesterday!
Here's my helper, busy decorating the tree!
Instead of gifts, she wants to put all her xmas stuffed toys hehehe..
When my son woke up from nap, he wanted to mess up everything lol...
That's what we accomplished yesterday, we are continuing the dcoration today...


  1. mangarolling ako here mads!!!
    when pwede? lol....

  2. wala pa din talaga tatalo sa xmas ta..
    hir super boring as in boring!!
    miss simbang gabi too.
    remember sa divine every department sponsored for the day.?!!..

  3. wow! me christmas tree na kayo. kami ala pa hehe

    dropped you ec bru

  4. Wow Xmas na ang dating ha.super cute talaga ng anak mo..sarap talaga ng may baby girl no?

    What a lovely white XMAS tree you got....nangangaroling lang po hehehe

  5. wow! Paskong-Pasko na sa inyo ah... btw, i've an award for u, pls grab it.

  6. it is super chritmas already! especially from ur end rosie, and ur helper!

    Beautiful white christmas tree and great decors..

  7. wow, christmas na dito ah :-)
    ako wala pa, baka after thanksgiving na :-)

    Happy thanksgiving nga pa la sa inyo dyan, Rose :-)

    dropped my ec here!

  8. i just love the bears, they're so cute. and the tree is gorgeous!

  9. hahhah...ako din sama ako kay atefaye magcarolong..heheh..bawal ang barya ok...nice white x'mas tree sistah....:)

  10. ang cute naman ng mga kiddos mo under the white christmas tree.. kakaiba din xa ha

    and you really took time to decorate, kami sa bahay wala na

    wala na kasi akong free time (hayhay)
    work from 8 am-5 pm and 8 pm-12 mn

    meery christmas in advance na ate rose!

  11. wow! Christmas is coming and the spirit is very lively with your decorations amiga! hehehe! bait ni Rylie, shes very busy putting on the ornaments,hehehehe!

  12. HI Mads, sige simulan mo na ang caroling hehehe.. Oo nga namimiss ko na rin yung simbang gabi natin sa school...Miss ko na rin puto and suman hahaha..

  13. Salamat Malou.. Eu Pasko na here samo..

  14. Hi Umma, gawa ka na kasi ng baby girl dagdagan mo na si Lie yeung hehehe.. Patawad muna sa caroling hahaha..

  15. Thanks for the award maya... Oo nga pasko na heheh..

  16. Oo nga my TAEX, ayaw namin pahuli hehehe..

  17. Happy thanksgiving din ate cecille... Kinukulit na kasi ako nitong dalaga ko kaya nilagay ko na..

  18. Thanks Siella, bigyan kita ng isa, dami dito eh hehehe..

  19. Hahaha sige di ako magbibigay ng barya dhemz, but how about kimchi hahaa..

  20. OO nga pchi, gusto kasi namin to have a white christmas kaya kahit sa tree puti lol... decoate ka pa rin para masaya sa bahay mo...

  21. OO nga Sunny and super makulit yan, ayaw ko pa sana talagang ilagay eh...


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