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Monday, October 20, 2008

Luncheon Date

I did not cook today because I'm a little bit lazy. I'm blaming Ms. Lady red for that, so hard to do things when you have cramps because of.... hayyyy... But I was so delighted when I received my husband's email from work saying that he's taking us out to lunch.. Wohoooooo! So after an hour session with my student Amy, we went to the Galley and had our lunch. We devoured some chicken cordon bleu with joejoe potatoes and vegetable salad... yummmmmy! But of course everywhere I go, I have my camera with me, always ready to capture the moment hehehe..

Here's EJ with Amy, Kimchi!!!!

Here's my daughter enjoying her garden salad..


  1. what are you teaching mis Kim here? c: your kids are so lovely c: really i adore them c:

  2. ay sorry Amy pala c: not Kim :p

  3. i'm from bicol... well my parents are :) anyhoo, hope your having a good monday! and thanks for visiting my blog! haha...

  4. Hello Mommy Icy, Ms. Kim is right, we called her Amy for her English name..

    I am teaching her how to speak English language..

  5. cordn bleu!!!! yum yum!!!yan spontaneous date!!!

    sarap yan kabayan! hehehehehe

  6. Amy looks very pretty :D

    Your children are beautiful! :D

  7. does your son really eat kimchi? anyway, i like the pictures of them eating :-). my son wouldn't eat salad :-( what did you do so rylie will eat salad? hope jake will eat salad, too!he eats vegetables 'though.

  8. Thanks for the compliment Borneo Falcon!

  9. Oo nga Sunny, sana lagi para di ako nagluluto hahaha kaso magastos...

  10. Thanks Kwagoo, yeah Amy is really pretty.. She's also very tall!

  11. Hello Ate Cecille.. Nahh my son don't eat kimchi, but rylie does. EJ is very picky when it comes to food... Just motivate Jake and tell him like it will help him strong and smart.. That's what I always tell Rylie!


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