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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daddy Einstien

My husband participated to a contest "Are you smarter than a CT Joy student?", the base version of "Are you smarter than a..." show on Tuesday night. The questions thrown at him were difficult that I don't even know most of them. But hubby, answered them all correctly hehehe.. Good job hon, we're so proud of you! He told us that we are his lucky charm for winning. He won $100 gift certificate. Nice timing for Christmas hehehe. Here are some of the pics. Great Job Daddy! That's an early gift from Daddy Santa!


  1. wo! congratulations!!!! u got a smart hubby rose,hehehe!!!

  2. oh Wow!Congratulations! ang galing naman...

    paintrahun mo bru sa deal or no deal ta malay maging milyonaryo ka hehehe

  3. wowowow! Early present for x-mas....good job sa hubby mo..that show called "are you smarter than a 5th grader?"may version pala jan..heehhe!...tama si TLou ipa join mo si hubby sa deal or no deal..heheh..or family feud..hahha...or catch 21..sige na nga lahat ng game show..hahaha!

  4. Thanks Sunny... I'm glad that he is, coz I'm not hahaha!

  5. hahaha deal or no deal luck man sana kaipuhan, i'd like him to compete in a show like 1 is to 100 kasi it requires mental ability hehehe..

  6. Hahahaha, korek ka dyan demz. Or sa Who wants to be a Millionaire.. Papajoinin ko sya sa Pilipinas game ka na ba? lol..

    Oo nga super saya namin kasi its an early present for us..

  7. wowow sabi na simo mananalo si juan
    !!!!! hain na so posta ko hehehehehehe

  8. Hahaha pira na ngani so pusta mo hehehe!

  9. Thanks for the visit. I've visited your other blog as well..TC!


  10. So sailor Sam how did you do? I know I am a little smarter than a rock.

  11. whoa! galing naman

    congrats, pahingi balato

    lol. joke


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