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Friday, February 12, 2010

father-daughter tandem

My beloved husband and lovely daughter are a DUO for everything. Rylie wants her dad for bedtime stories, eating ice cream, playing games, and even baking cookies and cakes. When we we're still in Korea, they made this cake (6-27-08). They were bored to death that day because it was raining that day so they baked a cake. Our daughter helped my husband do the frosting. When it comes to baking stuff, my husband usually is the one doing it, especially sweets. Sweet tooth runs in their family. My sister-in-law joked with me one time and said that they get mean when they can't eat sweets lol.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww, how wonderful that the two have such a great relationship.

    Love it.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  2. naniniwala na ako talaga sa sinasabi nilang pag girl daddy's girl talaga nicole she like hubby than me haha pag niloloko xa this is my daddy grabe ang iyak nya haha

  3. Normally, father and daughter get along really good. Rodney and Wrozlie always sleep together and I get kick out, wahhhhh! When Rod cannot hear Wrozlie, he would get up in the middle of the night to make sure she's alright in the other room (before she moves in between me and her dad.) I think, even if he's saying that she needs to learn to sleep by herself, he still worries about her if he doesn't hear her and he would just get settled when Wrozlie nestled between us. Weird dad!

  4. ayay! super cute kaya ng cake...bilib naman ako sa jowa mo sis bakla....ehhehhee! so goryo kasi d mahilig sa!

    woi, si Akesha din...papa's girl...sana magkakaroon kami ng boy...para may mama's!

    a quick dalaw here sis..balik ako mamaya...have to wash buddy and will try to get rid of his fleece....mwah!

  5. cute kau sila tan-awon,,hehehehe

  6. what a nice father and daughter tandem! they look so cute,enjoy them while still young.

  7. What a great job they did ~ very pretty too! When I met my husband I rarely had desserts. He said he eats dinner just to get to the dessert. Guess what? I am just like him now :)

    Cute post!

  8. ang sweet daddy-girl.. daddy's girl talaga..

    btw, i grabbed all your buttons.. :)

  9. Dear friend, have a lovely Valentine's Day with Rose ofcourse!!:):)

  10. Galing magbake nga mag ama mo bakla.

  11. Nakakatawa yung cake ni Rylie parang bath soap kapag nakaharap, lol. Mabuti naman at hanggang maaga ay natututo na si Rylie nang mga gawaing bahay. Lalaki siyang katulad mo na pinapupurihan nang lahat nang kanyang kasambahay dahil magaling sa gawaing bahay bukod pa sa malambing at mapagmahal. Talagang me sweet tooth yung pamilya ni John at kung titignan mong mabuti ang mukha ni John ay talagang comically sweet ang expression niya lalo na kapag nagmi Mickey Mouse face siya, lol. Yung isa mo pang bida, ano naman ang hilig niya, kumain nang cake, lol? Thanks sa sweet post. God bless you all always.

  12. Buti naman at may taga bake ka dyan para kain ka na lang ng kain. hihihi! Dito kasi ako gumagawa kaya parang ayaw ko na kainin kasi nasasawa agad ako tingnan ko pa lang. hehehe!


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