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Friday, November 11, 2016

Fun-filled First Football Season

"People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society. "Vince Lombardi
Is anyone else  glad that the election is over?  I know I am!  I can finally watch  TV without negative ads on, oh boy, I am so glad.  Half of the nation is happy and  half of the  nation might be sad or devastated  with the result.  But you know what, no matter what the result is, we should  accept it and move on.  After all, it is not the government that would fix our  problem but us.  It is up to us to address whatever issues we have with  our lives.    Protesting or rioting on the street will not do any good.  I know  we have the right to voice our opinions and concerns but I wish that it is not done the same manner as what we are seeing these past two days.  Oh my, what a thing  for the world to see.  But anyway, nuff said!  
 Working together can really achieve success.  If we can just put  all our  energy into doing something productive, we will be alright.  Anyhow, I took these photos during the last home game of the Jr. Dons football.
This season was a learning experience for all these little fellas.  It was a learning experience for me too as I didn't have any idea how football works  despite my  husband's effort in explaining it to me lol.  I guess when you have a  child who love the sport, you will  get to learn the sport.
Most of these kids are first time players so  they were defeated  for every game they played.  Most of the teams they played against were  in the higher grades and they have years of experience compared to them.  But it was okay, they will be better  next year and the year after that.  They need more practice to be good at it.
The most important thing is that, they had fun while learning how to play.  
They made friends with other kids and the sport taught them about working together as a team and the camaraderie  and sportsmanship
Parents also  learned how to work together as team by volunteering.  I worked at a concession stand once and hubby work on the field with the markers.
We are looking forward to another season next year.  For now, we are glad it is over.  While it is fun, it can be exhausting also.  

Till next season again.  I will  always be scared for my son's safety but  this sport is teaching him a lot of lesson so it is worth it.  I will just keep my prayers that  God will protect him and all the other kids from harm while they play the sport.  Until  next time..  

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rainbow After the Rain

The past  few months were the craziest and  busiest time for my family.  We moved to a new home and that alone is  draining not only physically but emotionally as well.  Moving is not easy, there are  so much things going in your mind and  during this time in your life, a support system is  very essential.  For those of you who have experienced moving, I am sure you  can relate what we have been through.
After we have moved, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  I mentioned in my post that I wish my family back home was  here with me because I wouldn't hesitate to ask  them to help me but somehow someone misinterpreted it with something else.   I was irritated and frustrated, I cried. I felt attacked with the people  that I thought I could lean on especially that I have nobody here but my husband and kids. I am however blessed and grateful  that we have a neighbor who is willing to help and be there for us anytime.  Thanks Don for all your help.  Even my husband's co-workers helped us during the move.  My husband also asked his niece's husband to help him move  the refrigerator.

 When I first came here in America, I thank God everyday for giving me a wonderful new family.  Things were really good and I get along with them well until recently.  I have been keeping this feelings for a long time, trying not to say anything because I don't want drama but  there's a time when you have to stand up for yourself and  say "enough is enough!"  I wouldn't divulge the details but I was very hurt of what has been done.   So for now, I am taking a break with the family I used to love and respect.

But I thank God that things are looking great now, I have moved on and adjusted with our regular  life in a new house. 
Moving on, I always believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain.  We   sold our house after  just 18 days in the market and I couldn't be more happier, the weight has been lifted from our  shoulders.   
I hope that the pain will slowly  heal in the future.  I don't think it will go back the way  it was but  time will tell.  Damage has been done and it's hard to forget  when emotions are hurt.  
 "Family quarrels are bitter things. They don't go according to any rules. They're not like aches or wounds, they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material."  F. Scott Fitzgerald

Monday, October 10, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Our First Home: Park Avenue

Saying goodbye is always hard especially when you are leaving something that is very close to your heart.  Something that  binds your family for years.  I feel very sad leaving  our first home on Park Avenue.  We lived in it for 10 years.  My son was conceived there.  We've built  so many sweet and happy memories there.  Our children grew up there and it's hard to let it go but we had to.  The space is no longer  enough for our growing family.
When I first came here in the States, my  father-in-law  was very nice to let us live  at  his house  for  a year.  In fact, he did not want us to leave when we told him that we  bought a house.  My FIL is the nicest person I knew here in America, he   treated me like his own daughter and I am forever grateful for that.  However, I wanted a home that we could call our own, a home I can decorate the way I want to,  that's why even though we are welcome to  stay in his house, we chose to bought our own.
 We bought a fixer upper because we wanted to  make it our own. We thought it was a great starter house for our family and it was.  It's funny because when we were  house hunting we had a list of things that we want in a house  but  most of it wasn't met when we bought this one.  There was something in the house that made us fall in love with it.  I think it was the sense of a close knit family feel  that the former has in this home.  We felt  right at home when we first looked at this home.
This house was built in 1952 so it was already old when we acquired it that's why it needed a major renovation. We gave the basement a total lift and made it fresh and look new. We added a bathroom there, replaced the flooring, added some walls and painted them.
The whole family pitched in and helped us with some of the projects we did in this house. Our daughter was just 6 months when we bought it but we didn't move there right away.  We wanted to  spend our daughter's first birthday at Dad's.  
 Dad  was still healthy and strong  back then so he helped us a lot in  making this home especial.  He was the one who  painted my daughter's room.   Glad I documented every thing that we did in this house because we will have something to look back to.  
When we came back from South Korea, we  put  a fence around the house  because we wanted a dog.  I also  love gardening and the fence  provided a protection for the plants against the deer.  
The backyard  is a  decent size and I really had a great time  hardening in it.  I hope that the new owner love to garden as much as I do.
We had so many great memories in this backyard.  I can still remember so vividly the laughter and energy my children had whenever we  played outside.
I planted so many  flowers and vegetable in here over the years.  I actually got some if it and transfered it to our new home.
According to our  agent, the new owner  love the cement patio set.
We put  so much work in making this  house  comfortable and presentab;e.
As you can see in the pfirst photo, the look of this house is old and dingy.  We completely change it by building a new and bigger porch.  It cost us $22,000 to have one built.  Home renovations here in the area is  very expensive.  That's ne reason why we were not able to  upgrade the kitchen in this home because  the contractor wanted 40 thousand for it.  I told my husband to just forget it lol.
My husband orginally thought of listing this house  the price that we paid for when we orginally bought it but I objected because I thought we put in around 40 thousand on it and I didn't want to underprice it.  So the agent came and assessed its value and thank goodness, it was way higher than I anticipated.  
My husband really want to get rid of the second mortgage that's he wanted it to be listed lower but we agreed  to list it  a little higher and see what happened from there.
After just 18 days  of listing it, we  received an offer and we accepted it.  The buyer wanted us to do so many things but we declined some of it because the house the house is in great condition and we left them a complete kitchen appliances.
We officially closed on it  on October 4th and it was bitter sweet handing out the keys to our first home that we love and became a big part of our family.  My son is heartbroken because he loved this house.
We planted the tree in the front with the help of our daughter so this cherry tree is as almost as old as our daughter.
Saying goodby to our first home in Park Avenue is  hard but we had to.  It only have 2 bedrooms and with two children, it wasn't big enough to accomade us all.  It has been 3 months since we moved to our new home and my son is starting to like it.  he great thing is, we still live in the same neighborhood so the neughbors that we call our family is still near  from us.  I hope that this new home will be our last home because I  don't want to move again.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back-to-School Voxbox from Influenster

I am glad  that I was included on the Influenster's Back-to-School Voxbox,.  This is actually my first voxbox so I'm Quite excited.  Inside the box includes, 2 Pilot G2 pens, compostable pods coffee, Tide Purclean, Flossers and plackers,  Country Crock Buttery Spread coupon, and Land O' Frost Deli Snackers coupon.  These are  perfect essentials for back-to-school.  I haven't tried the coffee and I can't find Land O'Frost  item in our local stores.
We all loved the cookies I made last year using the country crock recipe so I just recreated the same recipe this time.  They were  delicious, perfect for  snacks after school with my two kids.  I don't know if it's just  my kids but every time, they come back home from school, they are starving!  So I am always ready for snacks on weekdays.  
I'm happy that they included plackers and  flossers in their voxbox because that is what we always buy for our kids to  regularly gloss their teeth at night time before going to bed.  It's one of those routines that we established at their young age.  I didn't  exercised  good dental hygiene when I was a kid  so I don't want my kids to  develop the same habit.  I don't them  ending up like me who lost adult teeth at a young age.  Wearing partial is not ideal.
I have never tried using the Purclean Tide so the Voxbox gave me that opportunity.  I used it to clean my son's football uniforms. If you have  a football athlete at your home, you know how  stinky and dirty their uniform can get especially when it is raining.  I actually do laundry  daily now during the weekdays because my son's practice  is on a daily basis and they only have one uniform for practices.  It cleaned really well and I think I will buy this  kind  soon.  Too bad, we don't have a Target nearby, I can't use the coupon they sent me.  
Making a list of things to do everyday is very important for me because if I don't have it, I end up  not accomplishing  the things I need to do for the day.  The list is my guide  to have a productive day everyday.  I love these G2  pilot pens especially the blue because it is  one of my favorite colors for pen.  This would be awesome to use too when sending the  greeting cards this Christmas, I can't wait!
I received these products for free for testing purposes in collaboration with Inflenster. All Opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2nd Scrimmage Football Game

On August 24th, the Jr. Dons team had their 2nd scrimmage.  They played against the team from   Parkersburg WV.  This team was  way different than the first team they played against.  They were very  respectful  and fun to play with.  The Jr. Dons lost again but  they are getting better.  They played better than the first scrimmage that they had against Steubenville team.  
Football is very big here so I guess, it is  always  every father's dream for their sons to play football.  ?That's the way it is for my husband.  He is always excited for  our son's game.  I guess, it is kind of living his dream through EJ since he never got the chance to play when he was younger.  
Even my daughter is  excited that his brother is playing.  I guess, I am the one who  is still apprehensive about him playing because I am always scared that he is going to get hurt.
They wore their  other uniform which has their numbers.  My son's number is 33.
We are still wondering if he could really see what's going on in the game because he doesn't have his eyeglasses on.  So this weekend, we talked to him sincerely and asked him if he needs a sports google  for him to see better and he said yes.  So we ordered him one but he won't be getting it until the  the  second week of this month.
He is not crazy about the daily practice but he really love football.  The coaches told us parents that they might not be able to win this whole season just because his team are a bunch of kids who just started playing this year.  The teams that they have been playing against have been playing for  few  years already.  But the good thing is that, they would be able to have the experience and see how it feels out there in the field against other teams.
Jr. Dons need to be a little aggressive, right now, they are so gentle when they play.
So other teams are just crushing them but it is okay, it is a learning experience.
It is really fun to watch  these kids play.
Pizza was served after the game.  It is nice that  parents are so involved in this.  We even have  schedule of volunteers to do specific things during the game.
My duty is to wash his uniform everyday because if you don't, it would certainly stink.
The next game was held in Steubenville.  I will post about it next time.

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