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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Made With Love Canvas of our Wedding Photo by CanvasPop

My  husband and I's wedding anniversary is coming up.  We have been married for 12 years and I can happily say that we are still  so much in love with each other.  With two kids and two dogs, life gets busies each day but we don't let it  affect  of how we treat each other.  Okay, let me end my cheesy post here lol.  Anyway, I always want a canvas of our wedding picture and I am so grateful that   CanvasPop contacted me about product review.
I am very happy that even though the photo I have submitted to them is  a photo that I took from our  old photo, they did their magic to make it look like the original photo.  They did such an amazing job in turning it into canvas.  I have purchased  a canvas of my kids picture  from them before and so glad to enjoy their great service again.  
From the packaging to the frames, they do such a great quality work to make sure that  you'll be a satisfied customer.  
I love the thickness of the frame and how they secure it with staples around.  As you can see in the photo below, you can tell how professionally they did it.I also like the fact that they are now putting the extra padding, they did not have that before.  I think with that extra padding, the canvas  hangs evenly when you put it up on the wall.
Even the hook accessories is well packaged, you will never lose it as it is fastened  on the  wire at the back.
They gave me a $30  gift card discount  so if you are interested in ordering  a canvas, I can give you the code to use.  Just message  me on my Facebook page or just shoot me an email at cutiestfriendAtYahooDotCom.
Working with CanvasPop is fun because  you have  the ability to request a change or  make them edit a photo before you approve the final  copy.  As I have mentioned above, I only took photo of the original photo and submitted it to them. It has some yellowish part n my right shoulder so I asked them to   crop/edit for me and they did.
I hang it on top of my office wall.
The photos on the other side of the wall are all canvases and most of the photos that I have in our family wall are all canvas.  I just love them that way!  Our wedding picture is  my 11th canvas at home and I am planning to  purchase another one  to make it a dozen.
I highly recommend CanvasPop for  your canvas need.  They do a great job  in making sure that you are getting exactly what you want in  a picture.  The price is reasonable and you are sure that you get not only their high quality product but a great customer service as well.

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

The students of Madonna High School has once again sponsored  an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on April 4th at the Rectory  backyard.  We came ion 3 minutes late  from the  scheduled start so they were not able to participate.  Some of the Moms and kids gave them some candies though. 
 We did not  stay very long there so we  visited my  father-in-law.  I did  some cleaning  while my kids bond with Dad.  He told us that his younger sister is coming from Ohio so  I straightened his  house a little bit.  My sister in law does  most of the  house keeping at Dad ever since he got some sort of dementia.
 Then we came home and  colored some eggs.  The kids always look forward to this activity at home during Easter.
 The "Easter Bunny" left each of them an Easter  basket filled with goodies on Sunday.
 After I fried the lumpia we went and  celebrated with the whole family.
 My brother-in-law Rick, and sister-in-law Crystal watching the kids  look for eggs in the yard. 
 Here's Aunt Peg, they came down from Ohio to celebrate Easter with us.
 Gracie showing her prize to be claimed.  My SIL and NIL prepared so many eggs  with candies, prizes, and money.
 Aunt Peg, Uncle Wes, and Dad.
 The kids had a lot of fun mingling and playing with the other kids.
 I can tell that Dad was very happy having all the people he love gathered together on this  special occasion.
 I thank God for giving us the opportunity to be with the whole family.  It is always nice to catch with what everybody  is up to.  Because of busy schedules, we rarely see each other even though we live close.  Dad is our main magnet to be together.  Even though Dad think it would be his last for every occasion, I feel like  God continues to  bless him more time with us because he is doing  a purpose for all of us.  I will be looking forward for the  next coming Easters with Dad still with us.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Perks of Renting a Book

My husband has been working on his  master's degree.  He only takes  three subjects every semester because he  works full time.  I feel bad that he still has to  do his  class  homework when he gets home from work.  His work is paying   some percentage of his tuition and  Duquesne University also grant him a scholarship which helps a lot.  The only thing he spends money in is his books.  I tell you those books are expensive.  
For those of you who are in college and looking for some ways to save money in getting your college books.  You can try the flexible renting periods  at CampusBookRentals. Another  perk of renting textbooks is the  chance to save 40-90% off of bookstore prices,  CampusBookRentals also  offers free shipping both ways, so that right there is already a big savings.   I like the fact that CampusBookRentals  donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.  So if you rent your textbook from them, you are also  part of the donation that they are making to Operation Smile.  You can watch the video below how it works.
I have a huge admiration for  those companies who supports  organization like the Operation Smile.  This organization, Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the world.  For every  textbook rented,  the company mentioned above also donates  part of the sale to Operation Smile.
Rent your textbooks and have a chance to help  these children  have their full smile again.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Diversity of Water at PPG Aquarium

When we  entered the PPG Aquarium  in Pittsburgh Zoo, daughter and I got separated from my husband and son.  
So while we waited for them  outside, I got the chance to take pictures.
 The waterfall is such a relaxing place to  take a rest for  a while.  The water just gives you that relxation that you need for walking too much.
 Exotic plants are also a delight to see.  I will post the  diversity of water through   beautiful  water animals next time.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

We went to Church at 4:30  even though the mass  doesn't start at 6.  The kids had to practice for the Christmas Pageant that would occur before the evening mass.  
 The church was well decorated for Christmas.

 The fourth graders  are part of the bell choir this year, their first time participating as bell choirs.
 They were at the back so you can hardly see them.  I recorded some videos but I haven't download it yet.
 I think that they did  great  considering that it wasd their first time.
 The first grade wasn't involve in the pageant this year but hopefully they would be included next year.
 Photo opp after the mass.
 We went straight to my Father-in-law-s house after the mass.  He was resting when we arrived.  My sister-in-law said that EMT's came to the house earlier and checked on him as he wasn't feeling well.   Glad he was okay.
After an hour or so, we came home and had fun at home.  The kids went to bed early so Santa could come by and bring them surprise in the morning.  
Happy new year to all of you, thank you for being part of our fun 2014 journey!

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