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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dental Services

Bth of our children has a very brittle set of teeth.  We constantly go to the dentist for filling.  We are wondering why the filling doesn't last very long.  We are thinking of switching dentist but we  are having a hard time doing that since we like the  dentist tat we have now.  They are very nice with us, makes us very comfortable during every visit, and they treat us like friends and not just customers.  
We are not very satisfied with the services they are  rendering  which  is kind bums us.  The one that we used to go to before we went to the current one is really good of what they do.  The problem is their social skills.  It makes me so uncomfortable just by sitting in their office let alone in the  dental room.  The dentist is not friendly at all, they lack  personal and social skills.
 So we are torn.  Do you go to the one that you like because they are nice  even though they are not that good of what they do or do you go to the one who  are  so good of what they do but  lack social skills? I don't know, I was supposed to  reschedule my kids  appointment when they cancelled our appointment but I haven't done it since I am tryingto decide whether or not we  need to switch.
  Photos were taken in May when they both lost tooth.  

Birthday Presents from our Friends in Texas #HappyFriendshipDay

The very first friend that I have  met  when I first started blogging back in 2008 is a dear friend who   lived in California back then.  Her family lives in Texas now and they are  a well-traveled and super adventurous family.  She never  cease to remember every occasion.  She sent me this 4-pc value plus pack Easy Grab Pyrex for my birthday.  Thanks a lot sis Dhemz, you truly are the sweetest and very thoughtful person I now.
She also sent me  souvenirs from their recent   cruise.  We planned on going with them this year but since my FIL's condition is not in a  top shape, we decided to hold off because we didn't want him to go without us here.  Aside from that, we also  have concern about finances that's why we decided to just  go on  summer adventures here nearby.
I collect magnets s and key chains so these would be great addition for my collection.  I hope that I could visit these places too  someday.  The beautiful postcards will  be arranged into my album soon.
She also sent my daughter  birthday gifts.  She love all of these and the recipe book that Akesha sent to her.
She is planning to  make some cookies and use this Texas-shaped cookie cutter that the Dias family also sent to us.  Thanks a bunch Akesha, Dhemz, and Greg for everything.
Our birthday are meaningful because of friends like you!  Since July 30 is  a national friendship day, this post is dedicated to the Dias family and to all of you whom I considered my friends on the web.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Scenic Drive Gone Wrong

Yesterday, after we attended the mass at church, the kids asked if we can go to Wendy's  to grab a bite and that's what we did.  After we ate, I asked my husband if we can go for a drive   in the Colliers area since it was raining hard and I wanted to  find the house for sale that we saw online.  Right in the middle of our drive, we heard an awfukl sound, my husband  said that it sounded like a flat tire.  
It was raining very hard so he  looked for a safe  roadside where we could pull over and check.  As soon as my husband came out, the rain miraculously stopped, thank you  God!  Upon assesment, he told me that the tire was indeed flat.  So glad we did not have an accident.
He took out the spare tire from our car and  removed the  flat one.  He was worried that he damaged  the rim  which would cost   extra if it is.  After changing the tire, we  went ahead and  started looking for  our way home, we  don't know where we at at this time (that's us, we have terrible sense of direction but that's part of the adventure).  Anyway, we found ourselves in Pennsylvania, lol.  
When we finally found our way home, I told my husband to check if Walmart's car parts is open and was relieved that they are.  So we bought two new tires.  OUR Adventure ended up costing us $179.14, ouch.    I told my husband to just look at the bright side, it's good that it happen  already and not when he is going to work.  This way, we had the time to  fix the problem.  OK, bad luck comes in threes and here are the three, hopefully, this is it and no more.
  1. Our  garage s door's spring got broken which cost us $169.60 for repair.
  2. One of the tires blew up and it cost us $169 to buy two tires.  The other one has to be replaced too so both rear tires are even.
  3. Then the metakl shield protecting the exhaust system of our Honda Accord broke free and started dragging on the road when my husband was driving to work, sigh.  That would be another hundred bucks or morem ayayay unending expnse!  Lol, life is expensive I tell you!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Best Winter Fun

It is so hot right now so I thought of digging some of the winter photos to cool me down (weird huh), lol.   Anyway, I  for got to  post this anyway.  These photos were taken in January after they got out from school. Kids don't mind if it's freezing, they just want to have fun  playing in the snow.
 See how much snow is pouring?  Yep, we walk to school, rain or shine.  It's a five minute walk so  why bother to   burn gas for a short distance like that.  Besiddes, it's a great exercise for me and the kids especially on Winter that we seldom  go for a long walk.
IJ is very tough on cold weather, he  can take cold more than  Rylie.  Me and my daughter is  the same, our bodies are always cold so Winter is not for us.

So yeah, it  must be weird wreading this post containing Winter photos but this really cools me down now that it is too hot!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dog Preferences

My husband's type of dog contradicts my type. He love English bulldog but I am not fond of it.  We ended up  having a Jack Russel Terrier and this  big one that we  got from our neighbor when he was a pup.  He is a mixed breed with miniature pinscher and a doberman pinscher.
 His Dad was a doberman pinscher while his mom was a miniature pinscher.  Bolt is such a loving dog.  He walways a hug from us and always  wants to cuddle with us.
Having dogs is really nice especially when you have kids. The bonding of the pets and kids are  awesome.

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