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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Play Date

 I received a call from one of the Mommies in my daughter's class.  She asked me if our daughter could have a play date to her daughter.  I said yes, as my daughter has been asking me  about it too.
That was the first time that Rylie went to a play date, I was worried that she might act  different over at their house without my supervision.  But the Mom said, she was so good at their home.  Thanks Darla and Juliana for inviting Rylie over!


  1. Cutie ng playmate ni Rylie! Also the mommy pretty din like Rylies Mommy!

  2. A play date at that age is so cute! And it's also nice to know when they've been good kids when they're away from you! :-)

  3. wow may playdate na si rye, buti hindi sumama ang burito diyan, quick visit muna here bading

  4. very good rylie! that's good paminsan minsan, it helps to develop their social skills. :)

  5. Sweet, never heard of a "playdate".

  6. Thanks for the visit at 2Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom; love your page...

    Have a great day

  7. I bet that is just the beginning. As they get older there are more and more. Hope everyone had fun.

  8. ayay! ang galing naman....that's good though...:)

    dami toys...bonggacious tong friend ni rye.

  9. cute din ang playmate ni Rylie hehe...daming salamat naman at nakangiti at di naka ngiwi si Rye hehehe

  10. Well, kids will always be kids as they love to play with their friends and classmates. You don't have to worry about Rylie misbehaving in her classmate's home. You have imbibe so much practical sense and good manners to your daughter that she will be able to please everybody without fail. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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