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Thursday, November 11, 2010


In  our seven years of marriage, we spent almost two years apart from each other, me in the Philippines and he was in Guam then.  He used to send me a monthly allowance and being the saver that I am, I managed to save enough to purchase a 120 sq meter lot for us.  We asked my mother if she would like her home to be built on the said lot but she chose  our place in Donsol which she regretted later on.  John financed the building of my Mom's house before I left.  

When I finally came here, we lived at my FIL's house for a year before  we bought our own.  We have been paying our mortgage for  more than four years but a couple of month's ago, we decided to refinance  because we were offered a lower interest rate by USAA.  Our former loan had 6.25% interest  but now we have  a 4.62% mortgage.  Now we are back to a 30-year loan wahhhh.  It's okay though because it saved us a lot from paying the interest.

We also paid off our car loan last year and eliminated some of the old credit card debts.  Sad to say we accumulated  new ones  lol..  

We send two of my siblings to school and also  send aid to my Mom once in a while.  And above all, we have  two adorable children. We only rayed for one but God is so  great that He gave us a bonus, having a son!  That's about what we have accomplished so far.  This is the topic that couples are taking about at..


  1. hi i just came here because your name seems like a Filipina's name, and so you are!

  2. Why don't you sign up for automatic mortgage payment every 2 weeks out of your bank, and your mortgage will reduce to 19 years. Ganyan ginawa namin, every 2 weeks kaming kinukuhanan sa bank, nawala ang 11 years sa 30 years. ok di ba?

    aba, eh maganda at wala na kayong car payment, kami meron pa gang November pa next year, wahhhhh! naku ang credit card eh ang hirap i pay off, kasi laging me need na bilhin. Ang bait naman ni John to finance your mom's building, di ba?

  3. wow.. you are very good in handling your finances Mommy Rose.. How I wish I got your skills even just a mere 50% bohohoo..

    Keep it up.

  4. Hi Mommy Liz, automatic din ang payment namin but we cant afford for two payments a month, what we did though is add some amount to what is due for an additional principal payment.

  5. You are a great economist Rose! But above all you are a very good partner and parent. Congratulations.

  6. kakatuwa, we all share the same "troubles", mag-alaga ng asaw, ng mga anak, ng ating tahanan, at isipin ang kabundok na bayarin, haha.

    pero un nman tlg ang purpose ng buhay db, dahil kun wala ka nlng ggawin kundi tumunganga e anung silbi kang nilalang ng Diyos, db

    mejo ndrama ata ako, cenxa na mommy rose, ahehe

  7. malaking accomplishments na rin ang bahay tokaya kahit utang, ehehe. kami rin hanggang ngayon naghuhulog pa ng bahay at 14 years na naming huhulugan ito. waaah!

    pasensya na ngayon lang ulit ako nakadalaw. bawi na lang ako pag lumuwag schedule ko ha? will join the nostalgia too.

    Our Accomplishments

  8. thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the follow...I'm following back^^


  9. Ang ganda ng photo ninyo ateh so happy together. Mas ok na rin yan, sarili ninyo ang house kesa renting a flat/condo jan..hehe. Kami ng hubby ko wala pang accomplishment (lol) busy pa sa kakatravel. Maybe 10 years from now...lola na ako. Hehe..

    Haist, my pepero na ako Ateh nakadalawa na nga ako galing sa kanya eh..sana bukas eh bigyan xa ng students nia para dumami yong akin. (Takaw)

    Bakasyon uli kau d2, haha para di mo mamiss Korea. Happy Pepero day to both of you na lang Ateh Rose. ^_^

  10. Ganun ba Rose, although di kami in good terms ng MIL ko.. talagang practically libre kami dito.. hehehe... kasi my FIL died last 2000 pa tpos unico hijo man yung hubby ko.... nobody will live in this house... maluwang nga kami kaso gusto ko parin ng akin... sigh!

  11. hahhaha...second the motion ako kay sistah Umma...kahit 50% lang...ako parang nasa 25% lang ata...nyahahaha!

    dami nyo na talagang na accomplish sa buhay sis...:)

  12. That's a lot of accomplishments from a survivor like you. You have sacrificed a lot even when you were young and God rewarded you with blessings far exceeding what you were asking from Him. I like that photo of you and John when you sneaked out from your children to have your very own personal date to celebrate your wedding anniversary. The smiles on your faces said it all. Both of you were in cloud nine. Your strength lies in the unity of your family including your extended families on both sides. Thanks for the great post. God bless you all always.

  13. oh, well... that's really something, girl!

  14. Galing mo talaga mag hawak nga finaces bading tapos mmarunong ka pa sa buhay kaya swerti ni juan sayo. swerti mo rin ka juan kaya swak na swak hehe

  15. Such a sweet story! So wise....May God bless you!

  16. we're in the process of refinancing the house too because our current rate is still 6%.

    nice story by the way rose. thanks for sharing.


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