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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EJ Cut his Hair!

The first photo was taken when we first got up from bed. My son jumped up in my lap and wanted me to take a picture of us so I did.
When I was busy making our breakfast, he asked me how does he look like with his new hair cut and I said "What are you talking about?" That's when I noticed that he was holding his craft scissor and a gab of hair on his other hand.
See a part of his hair cut off?
There's nothing I can do but say "Good job EJ, you look great!"
Can this be a trendy haircut for summer? LOL!
Daddy has to do the remedy later on for this hahaha.


  1. nice job ej! tama na yong kunting gupit lang... wag na dagdagan masisira ang pagkagwapo mo hehehe

  2. good job mommy on remaining calm and positive about the situation... :) what a creative and curious child you have...

  3. hahahahaa!!Ang mga bata kasi sobrang curious eh lol!Buti na lang di nasobrahan ang gupit ni EJ lol!

  4. gosh....I remember when rye cuts her hair bale gwafo parin si EJ...ehhehee...try mo semi-kalbo yung hair nya sis...ehehehhe!

    a quick dalaw here manang ko...salamat sa package sweet of you...we got it tonight....:)

    bukas na ako blog hop...had a manic day today...mwah!

  5. Oo nga mabuti di marami yung hair na nagupit ni EJ. So kulit and cute. :)

  6. Lol! He looks cute with the new haircut!

  7. Your son is so adorable even if some of his hair are missing! cute kid... I added your blog sis..

  8. Your post and the picture of EJ with his badly cut hair really made me laugh. In his own innocent ways, he was very proud of his accomplishment and it would have broken his young heart if he received a rebuke rather than praise for his "extraordinary deed." Thanks for your funny post. God bless you all always.

  9. Nagbabalik. I have a tag for you sis kung di ka lang busy. :)

    here's the link. Thanks sis! :)

  10. lol! my older son is almost 7 and he always cut his hair when it reaches his eyes....haaays hindi pa din natuto lol.

  11. He looks good! :)So as mommy as well, of course!

  12. Waaaa bakla mga anak mo pwedi na magtayo ng parlo. they cut their own hairs. hehe napaka cool nyo talaga.


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