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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art Work for the Day

I heard my son's signature sound when he is very busy doing something that he really like. So I immediately check and sure enough he was making an art work in the wall wahhhhhhhh... He found a piece of red crayon from his sister's art and crafts drawer so he started scribbling it on the wall. My husband is gonna be so much happy with this hahaha, he just got done cleaning with the other parts of the wall in the house. Oh well, part of having fun isn't it?
EJ was so proud when I approach him of what he did lol...So there you go folks, the art work for the day!


  1. wahhh I may cry a river if faith would do that lol hehehehe cute art work though lol

  2. Happy Thursday po,Ate Rose!!\(^0^)/

  3. Hi Anne, there's nothing we can do s parents but to clean their mess lol..

  4. Like wise Clarissa, thanks for dropping by!

  5. LOL natuwa ka pa ata, di ba sumakit ang ulo mo? Hehehe

  6. hello mads
    di ko man tighali so patalastas, since nauugak ngani ako super dooper as in....dai na mi nakakablog hopping...minsan tig pirit ko nakaka 3 lng ako iu na maximum , mailing ko lng panu ang blog ko nalulula na ako!

  7. oh my gulay...hhahaha..akesha is doing the same thing too...hay least yang sayo crayon kay akesha is pen...hahhaha! ngayon natutunan na nya to write on the paper....enjoy ata si EJ sa artwork nya ah...hahhaha!


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